Sunday, June 28, 2015

A Quintessential Summer

Overall, I think my kids are having a real and true Summer.  I say "quintessential," due to it not being perfect, but, rather, it perfectly describing what summer should be.

I have had many, "I'm bored mom" and "What can I do today?"  That's part of the classic summer, right?!  We've had our fights, tantrums, melt-downs, etc. - again, all part of what summer involves.

But my kids have gotten to enjoy the good stuff that a "classic summer" entails.  Like camping.  Hiking.  Biking.  Backpacking.

The kids did swim-lessons - a total classic.  Both girls just finished up Dance Camp.  A lemonade stand has happened.

All of these above activities fit great in to the "Quintessential Summer," but it wouldn't be complete without our neighborhood.

We have a neighborhood with kids (not many, but just enough) - kids that are allowed to run loose (within boundaries - my kids' boundaries are a little smaller than the others, but still it's more than a lot of kids I know get . . .).  I would say my kids are outside more than they are inside.  They are in front playing whatever, riding their bikes - and, yes, even chasing down the ice-cream truck.  Ice-cream truck = quintessential summer in my book, for sure.  The kids also love to play in our backyard.  Our tramp is a great spot - for just hanging out on, playing "crack-the-egg," setting the oscillating sprinkler underneath it, and plain old just jumping.  Our sand-box is a big hit - the interest in it has been revived!  Even our 8th-grade neighbor loves playing in it.  They build canals, dams, etc. and then turn on the hose and watch it all get destroyed or whatever.  The hose is the key to the sand-box for sure.

The boys have gotten to go to the park with their friends and race their lego cars down the slide.  They have also walked many a times to the hardware store (or rode their bikes) to buy a soda and some candy.

This hasn't happened yet, but we will be spending the July 4th weekend with family - grandparents and cousins.  How perfect is that?!  Everyone is excited about this weekend.

There is one part of a quintessential summer that has not happened here yet - sleeping out on the tramp.  Unfortunately, for my kids, they have to earn it.  They earn it by not having one fight during the day.  It hasn't happened yet.  We'll see if it happens before the summer is over!

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erinmalia said...

wahoo for kids being kids! love it.