Wednesday, June 17, 2015

I.T.T.W or is it I.T.T.W.W ??

I named our Wednesday "get outdoors" group - Into the Wild Wednesdays.  Or should it be In To The Wild Wednesdays?  I'm not sure I know much difference between into and in to . . .

We had a good hike today - hot, but some much-needed shade offered at times as well.

Mice Mines hike:
 On the way up we came across some shallow ponds and found . . . tadpoles!  So fun!  The kids loved them, caught them, and begged me to let them take them home as pets.  Sorry, nope.  :)

 Here is some of the bunch at the mine site - this was a cave you could go in to maybe 10 feet?

 Here is our whole group that made it - minus Jennifer, the photographer.  Awesome.

On the way back we stopped by the tadpole area again.  You could see the hind-legs forming on some.  Plus, they kept coming up for air and that was cool.

It was a good hike!

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erinmalia said...

so fun. it's a great group shot.

also, i think it's into. but i don't know why i think that.