Sunday, June 07, 2015

Lake San Cristobal 10K

A couple of friends of mine and myself decided to sign up for the Lake San Cristobal run.  I signed up for the 10K and my friends for the 5K.  One friend wasn't able to make it since she was sick, but Kandace Booth and I and our families made the race into a camping trip as well.  If I wasn't running, I'm not sure we would have gone camping!  The weather forecast was for thunderstorms on Friday, Friday night, and Saturday.

As soon as we got to Lake City on Friday, it was pouring!  Just pouring!  Not a good time to set up a tent.  Luckily we drove around a few campgrounds and then went back in to town to wait for our friends to hook up with them.  By that time, the rain had stopped and so we were able to set up camp without getting soaked.
 We had a lovely camp-site right next to the Booths.  The kids are always excited about camping and had fun inside and outside of the tent.

 Boys and fire.  Miles had just put on some dry pine needles and made Kolter and Jonas come to watch it fire up.

 After dinner there were s'mores of course.

 We lucked out for the evening - no rain!  We were able to cook, eat, and visit without it raining.  A blessing indeed!  Emmy kept begging and begging to go to bed, so we finally got all ready in our tent and had a pretty good night.  The kids were out all night.  Ben said he actually slept really well, too.  I woke up a bunch, but was able to get right back to sleep.  It rained all night.  I took Lucy to the bathroom in the morning and saw lovely blue sky . . . but it was not to last.

Kandace's husband drove me and Kandace down to the registration point and then we got shuttled up to the starting point.  It was pouring rain the entire time!  But the rain did let up for our run and it was just a cool drizzle.

 Haha, what a funny picture.  Ben grabbed this shot of me as they passed me on my run.

 I love this picture!  One of my favorites ever.  :)  There's Lucy, my littlest biggest fan cheering me on as I come to the finish.

 There I am at the finish line - all done, yay!

And here is Kandace and I.  We had a fun camp-out and a fun and wet run.  We stayed afterwards for a bit - it was so cold, though.  Emmy and Lucy pretty much stayed in the car.  We got some lunch and then headed home.  It would have been nice to have stayed and fished and hiked, but not in that weather.  We'll just have to go back to Lake City . . . it's so beautiful!

I think this will be a new tradition for us and the Booths and whoever else wants to come:  camping and then the race.  Two fun things!

P.S.  It's a pretty small race - I think there was around 70 of us that did either the 5K walk, 5K run, or the 10K run.


erinmalia said...

so did you place? sounds awesome. how many miles do you think you could run after a night of camping? like, could you do a half after camping? i'm not so sure i could. or that i'd want to.

emily said...

i'm not sure - i wasn't in the top 3. and there was probably like 4 of us. i don't know. it wasn't split into age category or anything - just distance and male/female. results aren't up, but i will let you know when they are.

a 10K is probably the max i would do after a night of camping. it was a little hard - but that was also due to it being at 9,000 feet elevation.