Sunday, June 14, 2015

Miles' First EYO Campout

EYO = Eleven-year old.  This past Friday night Miles was able to go on his first Boy Scout camp-out.  There is a new official BSA camp "near" us - about 3 hours away.  The camp invited some EYO troops to come for an overnighter - to give its staff some practice experience before the real camps begin next week.  We were excited that Miles got to go.  We sent him with our camera and, as expected from Miles, ended up with a few interesting pictures.  :)  He had fun, although he had a headache both days (Friday and Saturday - he had a headache at home before he left, but didn't say anything.  I could tell he wasn't feeling great when he got home late Saturday night.  Too bad the silly boy didn't ask for some ibuprofen!).

Anyways, here are a few pictures:
 Miles, all packed up and ready to go!

 The inside of the boys' tipi.  Looks nice.  :)

Playing in the dark.

 Their tipi.  He told us how he and another boy were trying to go to sleep (It was close to 11pm) in their Tipi, but the other boys were being loud, "farting," and the such.  Sounds like a boys' camp-out!  The leader had to come in and take the boys' flashlights away (as previously warned), but not Miles', because according to Miles, he "wasn't doing anything."

 "Oh, that's the night sky!"  said my Miles as we were looking at his pictures.  :)

 The boys in the dining hall eating breakfast.

Miles liked the lights in the dining hall . . . and so he took a picture of one.  :)

 Miles' EYO troop.

 One of their activities was "bubble soccer."  I think Miles was possibly a little short for this?  He liked it, but was tired and suffering from his headache at this point.  He took a video of it as well.

Hmmm, the girls' bathroom (port-a-potty) that they were able to use.  I have no idea why Miles took this picture, but he was pretty excited to tell us how it flushed and that there was a sink in it.  Funny and weird kid!

He told us about the campfire, the spiders, the songs they sang, etc.  We're glad he had a good time!

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erinmalia said...

well, duh. of course it's the night sky. and why is the girls' bathroom all pink?!

but how fun for miles (and you!).