Friday, June 26, 2015

Summer Bits

Here are just a few little things that have happened this past week:

The very Saturday night we got back from our backpacking trip, the girls performed in a Talent Show that was hosted by the Spanish branch in our area.  They had sent around sign-up sheets in primary and my girls had signed up for "dance" (Lucy) and "gymnastics" (Emmy).  To make it easier, we decided to just have the girls do something together - Emmy would do one thing and then Lucy would do it.  It was cute:
 The girls even have matching leotards.  One was a hand-me-down a few years ago and we just got the other one (hand-me-down as well!) just a few months ago.  Crazy!

 Emmy doing a "bridge" (or getting down from one) and Lucy doing a "table."

Emmy's headstand was pretty impressive.  :)

The girls had dance camp this week (M-Th, 10-1) and so for Monday I had planned to take the boys mountain biking.  Jonas has talked about it for a while and I found out a spot right close to us.  So as soon as we dropped off the girls, we drove to the biking area.  It was a pretty good area for us to give it a try.  Instead of going in to the sometimes-horrible details, let it suffice that I will not be taking Miles mountain biking for a really, really long time - long enough for me to forget.  I think I'll take Jonas again sometime, for sure.

 A hot and sweaty boy!

Like I mentioned, the girls had dance camp this week.  They both were in the same one - since it was for 4-7 year olds.  They both loved it and had a really great time.  On the last day the parents came early and the kids showed their crafts and then did a little dance.
 So adorable.

 Emmy dancing.  :)

 Lucy dancing - next to an Olaf-painted girl.  :)

Fun, fun, cute, cute.

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erinmalia said...

okay, well now i'm super curious about miles! hahaha. but glad you enjoyed jonas.