Tuesday, June 02, 2015

The Flip-flop Club

One Sunday morning Emmy started a club.  She called it the Flip-flop club - it was just she and Lucy.  It was a "service club" Emmy said.  Her first service was helping Lucy write thank-you letters to Lucy's preschool teachers (i.e., moms).  It was so sweet and Lucy was able to hand out these letters at our little end-of-year preschool party.  The notes were thoughtful - Emmy had Lucy think of something fun that each mom did and was thanked for it.

Then Emmy decided the next thing the Flip-flop club was going to do was buy toys for "the poor people."  So that night she started asking for donations.  Luckily we had the bishopric over for dinner and so the club got a few donations that night.  Over the next couple of weeks the girls would ask people.  They ended up with close to $20 (unfortunately Lucy blew about $1.50 at our boys' lemonade/cookie stand they did last week . . . much to Emmy's frustration!).

Today I took Emmy to a local store on Main Street and we choose a few gifts - 2 for a girl and 2 for a boy.  There is a home in town that helps kids and families that are in abusive homes and gives them a place to stay.  I think we'll try and drop them off there - hopefully sometime on Thursday.

 Here was my letter from Lucy (written by Emmy).  Love!

 Here are the gifts we got.  For a girl:  an adorable stuffed turtle (you can't see how cute it is, but it's so cute I almost want to keep it :) and a little koala jewelry box.  For a boy:  sand and a sock-monkey that slings/flings.

 She wanted me to take a picture of the inside of the koala box.  A cute necklace.

The other member of the Flip-flop club.  She wanted a picture of her, too.  Even though she inappropriately used the clubs' funds, she was not kicked out.

It was a little hard for Emmy.  She had all this money (more money than she probably has ever had!) and wanted to buy something for herself at times.  But I reminded her that this money was donated to her club - knowing it would go to buy toys for "the poor people."  She handled it well.

What a sweet and thoughtful girl Emmy can be!

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erinmalia said...

awwww, what a sweet girl! and how impressed i am that she stuck to her goals even when it was hard. maybe the flip flop club should write letters to aunts who live far away? that sounds very service-y. :)