Wednesday, July 29, 2015

This and That

Here are some pictures of the dish/plate flowers that we made.  The kids made all of them - except for the washed-out one you can't see on the left. 

This pictures don't show them terribly well.  Maybe I need to take a picture not in the morning?  Anyways, they aren't nearly as cool as my sister-in-law's, but oh well.  They are the only flowers I have this summer so I'll take them!  :)

The kids had fun picking out their plates and designing their flowers, and I had fun buying the dishes at second-hand stores.

I tried to get a video of Brigham going down the stairs - it's the cutest.  But he didn't get the courage in this video to actually come down.  :)  It's still a cute video.  When he does go down, he like dives down with his legs in front and then slides them down a stair at a time.  It's hilarious.

The boys mowed this morning.  Jonas decided to make it more fun for him by skateboarding behind the mower when he moved from one mowed-section to a non-mowed section.  Awesome and totally Jonas.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Meet Brigham

We love him tons already!  We picked him up after hiking out on Saturday and he traveled wonderfully well.  We actually had a ward party that evening that was about 30 miles out of town - and on our way back from Buena Vista.  So it just worked out that we hit the ward activity on our way back - and had Brigham with us.  So Brigham had a very full day with us!  Everyone loved him at the ward party and it was fun to have him (though I'm definitely not one of those people that feel the need to bring their dog everywhere with them . . . ).  The ward activity was outside and so it was great.

Anyways here are some adorable pictures of the adorable puppy Brigham:


He discovered our chickens yesterday and was very interested (he is a bird-hunting dog . . .):

Camp Brigham

Since we were heading over to Buena Vista on Saturday to pick up our puppy, we decided to make a backpacking trip out of it.  So we found a loop-hike that we could do fairly easy in 2 half-days and 1 night.
 Here we are at the beginning of the trail.  The loop was called "Wagon Wheel loop."  It was made up of the Brown's Creek trail, Little Brown's Creek trail, and the Colorado trail.

 One of the cutest hikers around.  :)

 On the trail - break-time!  It was a steady climb for the first mile or mile-and-a-half and that was a little rough on the kids.  It wasn't super steep, but a definite up and up.  It finally peaked and leveled and then a little sprinkling of rain came, and the kids' moods changed drastically for the good.

 This was a lovely spring where we filled up out water bottles.  (Filtered, of course!)  We passed by 2 creeks - one rather big and gushing and beautiful.  But it was raining a bit and so I didn't get out my camera.  But it was definitely beautiful.

 At camp the kids came up with some game.  They made a town, or rather, a "civilization."  It came complete with "citizens," i.e,, gross bug that were found in old cow poop.  The town had a cemetery for all their "dead citizens."  It was quite engaging and fun for them, I guess!

 Jonas axed down a dead tree . . . Timber!

 The kids just being goofy.  I'm not sure who that boy is, though . . . some Asian-boy that happened to be passing through and decided to photo-bomb us?!

 On our way up, in Gunnison, we stopped by an outdoor shop.  It was heavenly being in there for some reason.  Anyways, we went for water bottles and ended up with a bit more items.  This hammock being one of them!

 We connected our tent and teepee this time around.  It was a great camp site!  We were by the beaver ponds and had fun exploring that evening as well as Saturday morning.

 And good morning!  Everyone loved the hammock.  So much so, we almost had to take it down ("It's my turn!"  "She got waaaaay more time than me!").

 Miles loves anything and everything that has to do with fire!

 Just exploring around our campsite area.

For the hike out on Saturday, Emmy decided she wanted to wear Miles' pack because "it feels much better!"  It might have been comfortable . . . but in no way lighter.  But she and Miles switched packs and she hiked (it was pretty much all down-hill) the entire time with it.  We passed lots of hikers who commented on it.  :)

It was fun to get out in the woods again!

P.S.  We named it Camp Brigham in honor of the reason we were in that area . . . to pick up our puppy Brigham!

Thursday, July 23, 2015


Miles earned his first rank in Boy Scouts - tenderfoot.  Yay!

Scoutmaster Ben, Tenderfoot Miles, and Miles' mom.  Photo courtesy of Emmy.

Go Miles.

Odd and End

I just have 2 pictures, so just Odd and End - no plural.

Ben converted the two boys' beds into Bunk Beds while we gone.  So very cool.  (He made the singlet beds years back.)

 Cool, huh?  It frees up so much space in their tiny room.  I love it.  Ben's awesome.

These are what I call "plate flowers" or "dish flowers."  My sister-in-law Britt had made some and had them in her backyard and I just loved them!  You just take random plates, dishes, saucers, etc. and glue them together.  Then we'll attach a metal "stem" and stick them somewhere!  We invited our friends over to make some with us.  I'll show you the finish products when they are all done.  It was super fun going to the second-hand store and buying lots of random dishes.  The kids (mine and our friends) made most of these.  Love, love.

Guten Tag

My parents' blog of their mission in Germany in case anyone wants to check it out:


Monday, July 20, 2015

The 4th of July, 2015

There is nothing better than spending the fourth with family, right?  We had a really good day and night!  We went to a ward breakfast that morning and the kids had fun playing in the backyard - plus the cousins had come as well and so that made it all the more fun and better.  Then we got ready and went to a community pool in Joe and Britt's neighborhood.  It was a good morning for swimming and we had a great time - the kids especially!

Happy at the pool!

Chillin' at the pool!

Loving every minute of it!

The boys went off the diving board for their first times.  Awesome - and scary!

Jonas was a nut!  He was super freaky and just about gave me a hard attack!  He barely jumped out from the board. I was sure he was going to hit it on one of his jumps.  He got a serious talking to and then improved after that.  Aiyiyi.  But super fun for the boys!

After swimming we went back to Jim and Diana's and had lunch and got ready for dinner that evening (Jim, Diana and cousin Grace were at Wicked).

 I had the kids make some festive strawberries.

 Fun, fun!

We had a nice dinner and then ate some patriotic treats:  a flag cake frosted by Jonas and decorated by Miles, and a red/white/blue jello pie.

We went to a fireworks show that night and that was neat and fun as well.  Lucy fell asleep in about 10 seconds after the show.  :)

It was a Happy July 4th!

Friday, July 17, 2015

Back to Littleton . . .

Here are pictures of our week back at Littleton:

 On Monday we headed to a candy factory in Denver - called "Hammond's."  We got a tour and a free candy cane.  It was fun!

 Busy at work making candy!

 Fun!  I bought some things at their little over-priced shop afterwards.  :)  I bought a PJ & Jam chocolate bar and we all liked that.  I also bought Ben a "Pigs 'n Tater" chocolate bar - milk chocolate with bacon bits and potato chips.  I think he liked it!  (Me?  I had to choke it down and give him the rest of my piece . . .)

 Cousins, cousins!  My girls and boys adore their Maxwell cousins so much.  Those cousins are totally wonderful and practically perfect!  Such sweet and good kids.  Here is Grace and Emmy.  (Grace and her sister Emma had to leave Tuesday morning for Girls' Camp and so we were all saddened - but my little girls especially - to not have them around for our last few days.)

 The boys, inspired by some finger-crocheting thing that Nicholas had made, all got in to at Grandma's.  She brought out her bag of stuff and taught them a few lessons and they all went to town.  Notice Jonas' tongue?!  :)

 One of the reasons we came back to Littleton was for Emmy's appointment at Childrens' hospital regarding her frequent/continuous UTIs.  It was a good visit and the girls got treats at the end!

 Grandma Diana and the girls making banana bread together.  We all devoured it at lunchtime it was so yummy!

 Emmy (and Miles) lost a tooth in Littleton as well!  The tooth fairy didn't make it the first couple of nights for Miles' tooth, but finally pulled through when Emmy lost her tooth as well.  Cute, cute.

 One day we went to Bellview park - where they have a stream running through it.  The kids loved it!

 We also took a fun, little train ride at the park.  Super cute.

 The boys, Miles especially, wanted to go back in the stream near the tunnel.  They had fun running through it.  I like this picture for some reason - Emmy and the three monkeys behind her (Jonas, Nicholas, and Miles).

 The monkeys in the light.  :)

We left Thursday morning to return to Home Sweet Home.  On our way back, we stopped by our puppies again.  They had grown seen we'd seen them 2 weeks before and were even more cute.  It was a great visit and I think we were able to narrow it down to three that we want:

 Jonas is holding what is called Saddleback.  He has some markings across his shoulders like a . . . (wait for it) saddle!  He is so adorable.  But he doesn't have all of teeth on the bottom - whereas all his siblings do.  We'll see what the vet says . . . But so cute still!

 Miles is holding the one he wants - the female runt, as she is known.  Super cute, too!

This one is "Will" because of his "will" to live.  He was the 10th puppy (out of 10) and was born in the wee hours of the morning.  The owners didn't know there was another one and so he was just born all alone with just his mama and siblings around.  Super sweet!

How ever are we going to decide?!

Anyways, we finally made it back.  It was long, yet great, trip - 2 weeks!  It was great to come home and see Ben/Dad!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Our week in Midway

Have I mentioned on my blog that my parents are serving another mission?  I'm not sure!  Whoops!  So here it goes then (if I haven't mentioned it) . . . my parents are serving their 2nd mission in Frankfurt, Germany.  It is a Public Affairs mission.  They have been there for about a month now and are enjoying themselves, but also anxious to feel more confident in their responsibilities.

Anyways, I decided to spend some time in their home - and it was good timing as it just got rented out right after I had asked to stay.  Yay for us.  So after spending the 4th in Littleton (I'll post on that later . . . most of my pictures are on Ben's laptop, both of which are in Montrose), we headed out on the 6th.  I dropped Ben off in Junction (we had left his truck there earlier), and then continued on to Midway with the kids.  We got there Monday night and stayed until we left on Saturday morning.

We had a really good time.  We went swimming each morning.  It was good to get there early because 1.  Nobody (except one time) was there except for us and 2.  Every afternoon a big rainstorm would roll in.  It was nice in the pool and the kids had a blast.  We went to Classic Skating on their cheap-night:  Tuesday.  The kids LOVED it.  Although they were more in to the bouncy stuff than the rink - which is a bummer for me since I love the rink (and I don't play on the bouncy toys).  But they did humor me and we were able to scooter for a bit.

Wednesday night we went and saw "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat."  It was performed at Midway's outdoor theater.  It was super great and the kids really liked it, too.  The lightening storm in the sky was pretty impressive as well.

Each afternoon we went to the library.  Which was good timing since it always started pouring while we were there.  One day as we left and hopped in to our car, my car said it was 58 degrees out.  Brrrr.  We went to the library so the boys could log in their work for Brain Chase.  I checked my online stuff (no internet access at my parents' home), and the girls played computer games, looked at books, etc., etc.  It was nice.

We left on Saturday and came back to Littleton.  Emmy has an appointment at Children's Hospital here (for her frequent/continuous UTIs) on Tuesday, the 14th.  So we'll spend a bit more time here and then head home towards the end of the week.  Here are some pictures from our time in Midway:

 Go, Emmy, go!

 What a cutie!

 Zoom, zoom, boys.

 Oh they loved this slide and its big drop-off.  It was a huge hit.

 So fun!  The kids just ran for hours . . . and had a blast.

Lucy won one of the skating (although we were on scooters) rink's game.  She won some cotton candy!
 Here are the boys waiting for "Joseph. . . " to begin.  Fun, fun!

 This just shows the stage.  It was a great production and starred "Doug Osmond" as "Joseph."  Doug is Donny's nephew and looked exactly like an Osmond.

 1, 2, 3, JUMP!

 Swimming, swimming.

 Lucy loved it, too.  She dived under the water all the time and, on the last day, jumped off the side in to the pool on her own (but with a life-jacket).  She would also take her jacket off and swim around.

 What a swim-babe.  :)

 The girls and I went biking a few times on the path.  Such a beautiful and perfect little path to ride on!  The girls just loved it and I thought it was the cutest thing.

My view.  :)  So stinking cute!

 Our dinner of spaghetti and jello.  Jonas was in charge of making the jello that day.  It was . . . interesting!  I didn't taste it (not a jello fan am i), but the kids all assured me it tasted delicious.  It was just weird - like I poured off some liquid on the top, but it was still pretty liquidy.

 I told the kids they could probably suck it up with a straw.  So the boys found straws and everyone sucked up the jello.  Wow, what fun.  :)

My kids lucked out on driving on July 11th - 7/11.  Free Slurpee Day!  They each got one in Heber on our way out, and then another one in Frisco - right after dinner.  What lucky kids.  They hardly ever (like maybe twice in their lives) get Slurpees because we don't have a 7-11 in Montrose.  So good thing we were driving for 9-hours on Saturday, passing towns with 7-11s.  :)

We had a great time in Midway!