Friday, July 17, 2015

Back to Littleton . . .

Here are pictures of our week back at Littleton:

 On Monday we headed to a candy factory in Denver - called "Hammond's."  We got a tour and a free candy cane.  It was fun!

 Busy at work making candy!

 Fun!  I bought some things at their little over-priced shop afterwards.  :)  I bought a PJ & Jam chocolate bar and we all liked that.  I also bought Ben a "Pigs 'n Tater" chocolate bar - milk chocolate with bacon bits and potato chips.  I think he liked it!  (Me?  I had to choke it down and give him the rest of my piece . . .)

 Cousins, cousins!  My girls and boys adore their Maxwell cousins so much.  Those cousins are totally wonderful and practically perfect!  Such sweet and good kids.  Here is Grace and Emmy.  (Grace and her sister Emma had to leave Tuesday morning for Girls' Camp and so we were all saddened - but my little girls especially - to not have them around for our last few days.)

 The boys, inspired by some finger-crocheting thing that Nicholas had made, all got in to at Grandma's.  She brought out her bag of stuff and taught them a few lessons and they all went to town.  Notice Jonas' tongue?!  :)

 One of the reasons we came back to Littleton was for Emmy's appointment at Childrens' hospital regarding her frequent/continuous UTIs.  It was a good visit and the girls got treats at the end!

 Grandma Diana and the girls making banana bread together.  We all devoured it at lunchtime it was so yummy!

 Emmy (and Miles) lost a tooth in Littleton as well!  The tooth fairy didn't make it the first couple of nights for Miles' tooth, but finally pulled through when Emmy lost her tooth as well.  Cute, cute.

 One day we went to Bellview park - where they have a stream running through it.  The kids loved it!

 We also took a fun, little train ride at the park.  Super cute.

 The boys, Miles especially, wanted to go back in the stream near the tunnel.  They had fun running through it.  I like this picture for some reason - Emmy and the three monkeys behind her (Jonas, Nicholas, and Miles).

 The monkeys in the light.  :)

We left Thursday morning to return to Home Sweet Home.  On our way back, we stopped by our puppies again.  They had grown seen we'd seen them 2 weeks before and were even more cute.  It was a great visit and I think we were able to narrow it down to three that we want:

 Jonas is holding what is called Saddleback.  He has some markings across his shoulders like a . . . (wait for it) saddle!  He is so adorable.  But he doesn't have all of teeth on the bottom - whereas all his siblings do.  We'll see what the vet says . . . But so cute still!

 Miles is holding the one he wants - the female runt, as she is known.  Super cute, too!

This one is "Will" because of his "will" to live.  He was the 10th puppy (out of 10) and was born in the wee hours of the morning.  The owners didn't know there was another one and so he was just born all alone with just his mama and siblings around.  Super sweet!

How ever are we going to decide?!

Anyways, we finally made it back.  It was long, yet great, trip - 2 weeks!  It was great to come home and see Ben/Dad!


erinmalia said...

wahoo for grandparents and cousins! now just stay in your house for a little bit, okay?! all your trips are wearing me out. ha.

if you get saddleback, will you change the name or keep it?

Niederfam said...

cousins, grandparents, and summer------is there anything better??