Monday, July 27, 2015

Camp Brigham

Since we were heading over to Buena Vista on Saturday to pick up our puppy, we decided to make a backpacking trip out of it.  So we found a loop-hike that we could do fairly easy in 2 half-days and 1 night.
 Here we are at the beginning of the trail.  The loop was called "Wagon Wheel loop."  It was made up of the Brown's Creek trail, Little Brown's Creek trail, and the Colorado trail.

 One of the cutest hikers around.  :)

 On the trail - break-time!  It was a steady climb for the first mile or mile-and-a-half and that was a little rough on the kids.  It wasn't super steep, but a definite up and up.  It finally peaked and leveled and then a little sprinkling of rain came, and the kids' moods changed drastically for the good.

 This was a lovely spring where we filled up out water bottles.  (Filtered, of course!)  We passed by 2 creeks - one rather big and gushing and beautiful.  But it was raining a bit and so I didn't get out my camera.  But it was definitely beautiful.

 At camp the kids came up with some game.  They made a town, or rather, a "civilization."  It came complete with "citizens," i.e,, gross bug that were found in old cow poop.  The town had a cemetery for all their "dead citizens."  It was quite engaging and fun for them, I guess!

 Jonas axed down a dead tree . . . Timber!

 The kids just being goofy.  I'm not sure who that boy is, though . . . some Asian-boy that happened to be passing through and decided to photo-bomb us?!

 On our way up, in Gunnison, we stopped by an outdoor shop.  It was heavenly being in there for some reason.  Anyways, we went for water bottles and ended up with a bit more items.  This hammock being one of them!

 We connected our tent and teepee this time around.  It was a great camp site!  We were by the beaver ponds and had fun exploring that evening as well as Saturday morning.

 And good morning!  Everyone loved the hammock.  So much so, we almost had to take it down ("It's my turn!"  "She got waaaaay more time than me!").

 Miles loves anything and everything that has to do with fire!

 Just exploring around our campsite area.

For the hike out on Saturday, Emmy decided she wanted to wear Miles' pack because "it feels much better!"  It might have been comfortable . . . but in no way lighter.  But she and Miles switched packs and she hiked (it was pretty much all down-hill) the entire time with it.  We passed lots of hikers who commented on it.  :)

It was fun to get out in the woods again!

P.S.  We named it Camp Brigham in honor of the reason we were in that area . . . to pick up our puppy Brigham!


erinmalia said...

how fun. seriously. the hammock looks super awesome.

haha. i had to verify that i'm not a robot by identifying pictures of salad. like i know what salad looks like! :)

Niederfam said...

so adventurous and so awesome.