Saturday, July 04, 2015

Camp Free Willy

We started out our July 4th weekend on the 2nd.  We were going to Littleton for the 4th, but had a few detours on our way.  Our first detour was checking out the new puppies - one of which we'll take home the first week of August or so.  They are just so cute!  The kids all loved them.  I'm not sure which one we will end up with, but it doesn't really matter!  Anyways, that was stop number one.

Stop number two was for camping.  We met Grandpa Max, Uncle Joe, and Nicholas (cousin) for a camp-out.  We had a great time and it was super fun to be with our extended family!

We called this camp, Camp Free Willy.  There were lots of names we could have christened this camp-out, but Free Willy is what we went with.  Why?  Did we watch the movie while camping?  Nope, we brought along Wilson and he just got to roam all over the place - unleashed (due to his girth and, especially, his age, he doesn't go too far nor too fast).  It was so great just watching him wander and explore.  Our kids, at first, we soooo nervous - "Dad, he's going too far!"  "Dad, we can't see him?!"  "Dad, we need to put him on a leash!"  etc., etc.  It was cute.  But, really, Wilson just had the time of his life.  Probably the best time of his life.  It was grand to watch.

Anyways, here are some of the pictures of our fun camp-out:
 Our camping area.

Wilson probably thought he had literally died and gone to heaven!

Cute cousins hanging out by the fire.

Wilson dug a little pit - his sleeping pit.  He was so muddy and adorable.

Can you tell what we cooked for dinner . . . ?

And, yes, we even ate it and liked it.  :)

S'more time!

Grandpa and his three youngest grandsons.  What a great looking group.  :)  This was morning time.  Our boys slept with Joe and Nicholas and Grandpa Max in their tent.  Fun, fun.

The kids were getting some "gun safety" lessons and tips from Grandpa.  Awesome.  Ben had asked his dad to bring his gun because Jonas is super in to guns and really wanted to shoot a real gun (as opposed to BB guns that he has shot with Cub Scouts).  So this was a real treat for Jonas - 'though I think we all enjoyed it.

Lucy, with help from dad, got to shoot the gun.

Emmy, too, enjoyed it!

Joe and Nicholas shooting.


Jonas loved it!  He even hit the target quite a few times.

Miles, though sort of spacey in paying close attention, was focused and determined to hit the targets.  He wasn't too bad and got a few as well.

Yep, I even tried shooting.  I didn't hit anything.  I should have had a picture of the three men - Grandpa Max was 100% (sure, he only shot once, but he did hit the target that one time!), and Joe and Ben were quite the sharp-shooters.

We went down to the creek - we were supposed to cross this the night before, but we weren't quite sure.  So our camping plans changed - but were still great!  We hung out here for a bit and pumped some filtered water and just played.  The three men took Joe's truck and went to the spot Ben wanted to camp at - it's a beautiful area (our family hiked there years back).

The girls just playing and being silly!

Jonas was super in to his sling-shot.  Nicholas had also brought his and so they had fun together.  Jonas was really in to shooting butterflies - much, much to Miles' chagrin.  I, too, ended up feeling badly and told Jonas his limit was 3 butterflies.

Sadly, this is the closest picture I got of Joe - Joe's truck coming back over the creek.  :)

The kids loved driving along the dirt road - we let them just sit in the back, no seat-belts on, with their heads out the window.  Oh the joys!

Anyways, it was a fun way to start our vacation.  :)

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perfect. boys. girls. grandpas and uncles. and guns. must have guns. :)