Monday, July 27, 2015

Meet Brigham

We love him tons already!  We picked him up after hiking out on Saturday and he traveled wonderfully well.  We actually had a ward party that evening that was about 30 miles out of town - and on our way back from Buena Vista.  So it just worked out that we hit the ward activity on our way back - and had Brigham with us.  So Brigham had a very full day with us!  Everyone loved him at the ward party and it was fun to have him (though I'm definitely not one of those people that feel the need to bring their dog everywhere with them . . . ).  The ward activity was outside and so it was great.

Anyways here are some adorable pictures of the adorable puppy Brigham:


He discovered our chickens yesterday and was very interested (he is a bird-hunting dog . . .):


erinmalia said...

hooray! welcome to the family, brigham. how does wilson feel about his new brother?

erinmalia said...

our neighbors have chickens now! their farm is huge.

Niederfam said...

brigham is adorable and I LOVE his name.