Thursday, July 23, 2015

Odd and End

I just have 2 pictures, so just Odd and End - no plural.

Ben converted the two boys' beds into Bunk Beds while we gone.  So very cool.  (He made the singlet beds years back.)

 Cool, huh?  It frees up so much space in their tiny room.  I love it.  Ben's awesome.

These are what I call "plate flowers" or "dish flowers."  My sister-in-law Britt had made some and had them in her backyard and I just loved them!  You just take random plates, dishes, saucers, etc. and glue them together.  Then we'll attach a metal "stem" and stick them somewhere!  We invited our friends over to make some with us.  I'll show you the finish products when they are all done.  It was super fun going to the second-hand store and buying lots of random dishes.  The kids (mine and our friends) made most of these.  Love, love.

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erinmalia said...

i love them, but wonder how you're going to use them. how do you attach the metal stem? too bad they'd rust in a second out here. :( but maybe i could attach them to my fence. hmmm... i'm sure chuck would love it. ha.