Sunday, July 12, 2015

Our week in Midway

Have I mentioned on my blog that my parents are serving another mission?  I'm not sure!  Whoops!  So here it goes then (if I haven't mentioned it) . . . my parents are serving their 2nd mission in Frankfurt, Germany.  It is a Public Affairs mission.  They have been there for about a month now and are enjoying themselves, but also anxious to feel more confident in their responsibilities.

Anyways, I decided to spend some time in their home - and it was good timing as it just got rented out right after I had asked to stay.  Yay for us.  So after spending the 4th in Littleton (I'll post on that later . . . most of my pictures are on Ben's laptop, both of which are in Montrose), we headed out on the 6th.  I dropped Ben off in Junction (we had left his truck there earlier), and then continued on to Midway with the kids.  We got there Monday night and stayed until we left on Saturday morning.

We had a really good time.  We went swimming each morning.  It was good to get there early because 1.  Nobody (except one time) was there except for us and 2.  Every afternoon a big rainstorm would roll in.  It was nice in the pool and the kids had a blast.  We went to Classic Skating on their cheap-night:  Tuesday.  The kids LOVED it.  Although they were more in to the bouncy stuff than the rink - which is a bummer for me since I love the rink (and I don't play on the bouncy toys).  But they did humor me and we were able to scooter for a bit.

Wednesday night we went and saw "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat."  It was performed at Midway's outdoor theater.  It was super great and the kids really liked it, too.  The lightening storm in the sky was pretty impressive as well.

Each afternoon we went to the library.  Which was good timing since it always started pouring while we were there.  One day as we left and hopped in to our car, my car said it was 58 degrees out.  Brrrr.  We went to the library so the boys could log in their work for Brain Chase.  I checked my online stuff (no internet access at my parents' home), and the girls played computer games, looked at books, etc., etc.  It was nice.

We left on Saturday and came back to Littleton.  Emmy has an appointment at Children's Hospital here (for her frequent/continuous UTIs) on Tuesday, the 14th.  So we'll spend a bit more time here and then head home towards the end of the week.  Here are some pictures from our time in Midway:

 Go, Emmy, go!

 What a cutie!

 Zoom, zoom, boys.

 Oh they loved this slide and its big drop-off.  It was a huge hit.

 So fun!  The kids just ran for hours . . . and had a blast.

Lucy won one of the skating (although we were on scooters) rink's game.  She won some cotton candy!
 Here are the boys waiting for "Joseph. . . " to begin.  Fun, fun!

 This just shows the stage.  It was a great production and starred "Doug Osmond" as "Joseph."  Doug is Donny's nephew and looked exactly like an Osmond.

 1, 2, 3, JUMP!

 Swimming, swimming.

 Lucy loved it, too.  She dived under the water all the time and, on the last day, jumped off the side in to the pool on her own (but with a life-jacket).  She would also take her jacket off and swim around.

 What a swim-babe.  :)

 The girls and I went biking a few times on the path.  Such a beautiful and perfect little path to ride on!  The girls just loved it and I thought it was the cutest thing.

My view.  :)  So stinking cute!

 Our dinner of spaghetti and jello.  Jonas was in charge of making the jello that day.  It was . . . interesting!  I didn't taste it (not a jello fan am i), but the kids all assured me it tasted delicious.  It was just weird - like I poured off some liquid on the top, but it was still pretty liquidy.

 I told the kids they could probably suck it up with a straw.  So the boys found straws and everyone sucked up the jello.  Wow, what fun.  :)

My kids lucked out on driving on July 11th - 7/11.  Free Slurpee Day!  They each got one in Heber on our way out, and then another one in Frisco - right after dinner.  What lucky kids.  They hardly ever (like maybe twice in their lives) get Slurpees because we don't have a 7-11 in Montrose.  So good thing we were driving for 9-hours on Saturday, passing towns with 7-11s.  :)

We had a great time in Midway!

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erinmalia said...

what?! classic has bouncy stuff and scooters?! weird. but man, our bounce house needs one of those with a drop off. awesome.

we had an osmond nephew in our ward a couple of years ago and yep, he looked just like one!

yay swimming!

we almost forgot about free slurpees, but PHEW i finally remembered. glad you guys cashed in! you earned it.

hope it all goes well in littleton!