Wednesday, July 29, 2015

This and That

Here are some pictures of the dish/plate flowers that we made.  The kids made all of them - except for the washed-out one you can't see on the left. 

This pictures don't show them terribly well.  Maybe I need to take a picture not in the morning?  Anyways, they aren't nearly as cool as my sister-in-law's, but oh well.  They are the only flowers I have this summer so I'll take them!  :)

The kids had fun picking out their plates and designing their flowers, and I had fun buying the dishes at second-hand stores.

I tried to get a video of Brigham going down the stairs - it's the cutest.  But he didn't get the courage in this video to actually come down.  :)  It's still a cute video.  When he does go down, he like dives down with his legs in front and then slides them down a stair at a time.  It's hilarious.

The boys mowed this morning.  Jonas decided to make it more fun for him by skateboarding behind the mower when he moved from one mowed-section to a non-mowed section.  Awesome and totally Jonas.


erinmalia said...

well, i think the flower plates turned out awesome. good job you (and them)!

Niederfam said...

I LOVE the plate flowers.....So cute and So clever!!!