Monday, August 31, 2015

A Hike

We were invited to go hiking with the Cook family (he is a doctor who Ben works with, plus he is the bishop of another ward here in town).  But not just the Cook family - the Cook family (minus 2 of their kids) plus their 4 goats and dog named Rusty.  Ben has been wanting to go hiking with the goats again, so we took them up on their offer and had a good hike!

Brigham came with us and he did awesome!  He's going to be a great hiking buddy!  He was a little too interested in the goats at first, but after a little nudge (luckily, not a full-out head-butt as they are wont to do!) from one of the goats - plus being chased by one - Brigham learned to keep his distance.  Emmy was always so scared for Brigham - it was sweet.  Jonas was scared of the goats - but I think he got over it.  It was a fun time:

 One of the goats - I'm not sure of his name.

 Christopher Cook is in the lead and his goats follow him rather well.

 There's not much cuter than a kid and a pup.

 Lunch time!

 Not a bad backdrop for our lunch, huh?

If you were under 50 pounds, you got to take a little ride on the goats.  Lucy, as you can see, was thrilled!

 Fun, fun.

 Emmy literally hopped off the first time, then got her nerves back and tried again.  :)

 You can't tell, but the girls were pretty muddy at this point!

 Oh my we love him.

His treat?  The apple he stole from the back of our car.  He loved it - both the apple and the hike!

A fun and interesting hike with the goats!

Emmy's 8th birthday party

Emmy choose to have her "friend" birthday party (remember, my kids get one every 4 years) at Black Canyon Gymnastics.  Emmy got to invite 6 friends (after her siblings . . . 10 kids total).  She wanted all her preschool friends and then she invited a church friend and her neighborhood friend.  I asked her to invite Lila (one of her preschool friend's sister and one of Lucy's best-friends) and Emmy didn't complain one bit.  It was super easy for us and everyone had a great time!

 Too, too, too cute!

 Ready for a fun time . . .

Rope swing!

Jumping off the "diving board"!

 Where Miles spent the majority (the huge majority) of his time.

 An upside-down Lucy!

 Some wall-climbing.

 Ice cream time!

All the fun kids!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Emmy Turns 8

Well I think we made the most of her 8th birthday - it was a fun-filled day!

 Emmy got a new bike - it has 7-gears and hand-brakes.  She's still trying to get the hang of those brakes, but she LOVES her bike.  I do, too.  That was a fun way to start out her birthday!

 Of course she wanted to ride her bike to school and of course I let her.  Look, it was wet and rainy!

 I checked Emmy out for lunch and she wanted to ride bikes to McDonalds.  It's actually a fantastic ride from our house (up a couple of blocks, to a path for a few blocks, then we are practically there).  We got there, ordered the girls' food, then I couldn't find my wallet.  Ugh.  So we rode back home and found it on the sidewalk a couple houses from our home.  It must have fallen out of my bike trailer (I was watching Wren, so she came along with us.)!  Anyways, so then we rode back and the girls got their food.  :)  I checked Emmy back in to school and went home to make cupcakes and ice cream (homemade coconut ice cream).

 Then I rushed back to the school and checked Emmy out again - this time for good.  She didn't know where we were going or what we were doing - but I was taking her to get her ears pierced!  She was excited . . . and nervous.

 Our friends own a jewelry store in town and he, Brian, just started doing ear piercings.  So we decided to go there.  Brian was great with Emmy!  Yep, she looks a little nervous.  :)

 And this was the second ear - now she knew what to expect and wasn't too excited for it again.  Emmy is a tough one and so I was really surprised at how much it hurt her.  She said getting an IV in her arm was better than getting her ears pierced.  Silly girl!

 But she loves, loves, loves it!  (Check out the cute watch she got today, too.  I ordered it online an didn't realize how huge it was . . .:)

 A close-up of this beauty with newly-pierced ears.

 Emmy's "cake."  Actually cupcakes, high-heel cupcakes to be exact.  I frosted them all, but Emmy decorated the white, yellow, and purple heels.  Lucy did the blue ones.  The girls did a great job!  Emmy even got a pair of high-heels and so she picked the perfect idea for her cake (unknowingly).

 Oh, she had me take another picture because she was covering up her earring in the first one.  I thought that was cute.  :)

She opened presents, played, we ate dinner, and then the kids watched Mulan 2 - Emmy's pick.  After that it was cake and ice cream time:

Happy Birthday dear Emmy, Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday Emmy

Dear Emmy,

Happy 8th birthday!  Since I forgot to do this before, you get a picture that was actually taken on your 8th birthday.  Just this morning!  You got an awesome bike for your birthday and so you got to ride it to school.  In the wet rain.  In your super cute raincoat.  With green hair.  So score!

Your 8th birthday is a big one for two reasons.  1.  You get baptized.  2.  You get a party.  Both will be fun and special.  You will be getting baptized in a couple of weeks and you are so excited about that.  As we were reading a book about baptism that other day and the covenants you'll be making, you were a little unsure that you could do it.  But I know you can.  You are a very sweet spirit and you try your best to be your best - though sometimes you may forget (like we all do).

Your birthday party, that comes every 4 years, will be tomorrow night.  Super fun!

So what has happened this past year?  You've become more lovelier and sweet - but you've also retained your bit of sourness as well.  This shines (the sourness part) every time you are asked to do your chores.  And since chores are a daily occurrence (well, close), this happens a lot!  Just the other night - in fact, last night - you sort of flipped out.  You even told me, "I've done the dishes more than you have in your entire life!"


But that's my Emmy girl - full of spirit!  (You did lose going over to your friends for your "spirit" last night, though . . .)  You are a very strong-willed little girl - which is both a blessing and a curse!  You and your brother Miles butt heads an awful lot - probably because you both are so strong-willed.  I think, though, that you've got a little more "fire" in you!

You're physically strong, too!  Your petite body is just a facade - you've got strength somewhere hidden in you!  You continue to be a good gymnast and are always improving.  You want to be on the pre-team and I love that you have that desire.

You don't get in to all the drama that goes on in school (just a little bit).  You are a pretty great friend.  Of course there are girls you like more than others and some you don't want to play with, but you are not one of the girls that says stuff like, "If you play with so-and-so, I won't play with you."  I love that about you.

So . . . a lot of boys have crushes on you, apparently.  You tell me how Kevin loves you, and Kolter loves you (he kissed you on the cheek - I told you not to let that happen again!), etc., etc.  Even Csilla (my friend) met a boy in your grade (Derek).  When Csilla asked about you, Derek replied something like, "Oh yeah, so-and-so totally loves her."  Haha.

You, yourself, had a big crush on a boy named Edsin.  He's in the 5th grade.  I'm not quite sure he knows you exist, especially since you run away from him whenever he gets near.  I did see him one day when I was at the school - he is pretty cute.  :)

You've been calling yourself a tomboy lately.  And even though Jonas declared you weren't and was quite adamant about it (apparently he is the authority on tomboys . . .), I think you are quite a lovely tomboy.  Maybe not 100% tomboy, but a great mix of girly-girl and tomboyishness.  (Great new word, huh?!)  You've always been like this - in to all things girly, yet not afraid of being rough and tough and getting dirty!  I love that about you, too!

You have loved having Wren over to our home and I know you will make a wonderful babysitter in a couple of years!  You really love babies and love to play with them.  It's cute.

Each year you just grow more and more beautiful.  It's a little scary from a parents point of view.  :)  But you are a total package - beautiful on the outside and beautiful on the inside.

I love you - all of you: the good and the bad, the sweet and the sour.


Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Miles' email

So Miles has a technology class in middle school and they have created screen-savers and opened up a school's email.  Well this got Miles in wanting a "real" email.  So I opened an email account for him (you can't have one via google until you are 13; I find that silly).

Anyways, I am sure he would love emails from anyone and everyone, so here is his email address:


It took us quite a while to find an email not in use.  I mean, who knew someone else would have picked "toastedbread"?

P.S.  Erin, I will work on the graph.  It was working earlier, but know it is not I see . . .

P.P.S. Really, Erin?!  Rhett has cared about what he looks like already?!  I find that more weird than Miles just starting to care (I've heard middle school can do that to a kid . . . :)

Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Okay, sis, here is your graph you requested:

Preview Chart
But, she still loves school.  :)

The First Two Times I Have Seen Miles Care About What He Looks Like . . .

So yesterday morning as we were getting ready for school, Miles told me he had no pants or shorts to wear.  I said, "You are wearing some shorts right now."

He replied, "But they have mustard on them!"

That was HUGE.

Then, THEN, today he told me he wants to have his hair long (I just cut it a couple weeks ago).  And the amazing part is that it's not because he doesn't want to get his hair cut (He hates getting hair all over him - he is super-sensitive.).  I asked him why and he told me it is because he wants to style it a certain way.

WHAT THE?  (As my kids would say . . .)

Sunday, August 23, 2015

A Little Update on school and dog

Okay, well the kids have done 1 or 2 days of school - and so far, so good!  :)

(Maybe, Erin, I will do a graph of what you asked for!)

Both Jonas and Emmy had good days on Friday and were happy about school again.

And Miles?  The great unknown of middle school became known.  And guess what?!  He liked it!  A lot, guessing from the amount he talked about everything that happened on Friday.  He seemed excited about it all.  Of course, it was more of a fun orientation day, but at least it started out good for him (in talking to another mom whose son goes to Miles' school, she said her son just focused on all the negative things of the day.  So I was glad that Miles had reported on all the positive things!).  We'll see how much he likes school when the real classwork and homework begin . . .

And Brigham is super.  He's not perfect . . . but that's mainly due to his imperfect owners.  But he really has an excellent temperament and can be playful, but also calm.  He's gotten very lanky - all legs.  He is so skinny - so skinny that I'll check with the vet tomorrow that he's getting enough food.  Speaking of food, he eats his 3 meals a day in about 15 seconds - tops.  He can sit and lie-down on command.  Plus, he comes when called, "Brigham, come!"  He's soooooo good at coming (he loves the treat rewards at the end.  I say "treat," but really it's just his dog food.  He just loves food!).  Once, when Brigham was attempting to get in the chicken coop, I called him and he came.  It was amazing that he was distracted from doing something he wanted very badly (the chickens), and came when called.  He's awesome.  He's not potty-trained yet, but doesn't go too much in the house (he's never-ever pooped in the house!).  We just haven't had him inside for huge periods of time, so we need to increase that so we can get him potty-trained.  The kids still love and adore him and always talk to him in super high-tones (why?!).  They cheer for him like crazy when he pees outside.  :)

Ben and I even get to go on dog-walking dates - we leave our kids and go for a little walk.  It's a nice bonus for having a puppy!

Here are some cute pics of our cute pup:

Friday, August 21, 2015

Miles' turn . . .

Miles started middle school today - even though it's more of an orientation day for the 6th graders.  In fact, the 7th and 8th graders don't even start until Monday.  So it should be a good introduction day for all these 6th graders.

Miles seemed a little excited today - which he never has been.  When asked if he was excited about middle school, he always answered with an "I don't know."  I'll be anxious to see how it goes!

Yep, we rode our bikes.  We walked Jonas and Emmy to their school, then came home and got our bikes, and then rode on to Centennial.  Fun, fun.  Then Miles got lost in the shuffle and was gone just like that.  Oh I hope he survives middle school!  :)

P.S.  As for Jonas and Emmy - they had great days and loved it!  Emmy wished that school was 10 hours long.  :)  Yay!  Jonas is "applying" to be the classroom banker (one of four) and I had to write up a letter of recommendation for him.  :)  Fun stuff already.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Northside Crew is Off to School!

Well it's been a couple of years that we've have three kids at Northside Elementary.  Now we are back down to two.

Here are Emmy and Jonas ready for their first day back at Northside:

 Emmy has Mrs. Cretti (who was also Jonas' 2nd grade teacher.  We loved her - so yay!)

 Jonas has Mrs. Lopez (the former Mrs. Freismuth, who Miles had in 4th grade.  She was a good teacher and Jonas was super excited to get her!  She'll be gone for three months once her baby comes, but hopefully the sub will be just as good!)

Our 2nd-grade and 4th-grade cuties!  :)

P.S.  Miles will "start" middle school tomorrow - really it's an all-day orientation for 6th graders, but we'll still count it as his first day.

P.P.S.  Lucy will start a weekly music class next week.  Then the following week we will start our preschool co-op.  Fun, fun.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Our baby is 5

Here are the pictures celebrating little Lucy turning 5!

 On Saturday we went to the Ouray Hot Springs pool - fun, fun!

 That night (Saturday - the day before Lucy's birthday), we let the kids sleep out on the tramp.  They had a blast jumping and playing.

Then it was time for glow-sticks!  Yay!  Then it started raining.  So we had the kids get under the tramp and we put our tent tarp over the tramp.  It was great.  But then Lucy got scared of "robbers" coming and so she came inside to sleep in her bed.  Then it started thundering and lightning.  It was getting pretty bad.  Ben went out and told the kids if they saw lightning and it thundered within 3 seconds, that they should come in.  Within a few minutes there was a big clap of thunder - I went out to get the kids - who were already at the back door.  They had counted 2 seconds.  So they all slept in the girls' room.  :)

 Birthday morning with the traditional crepe paper on the door!

 Flowers (from Ben) and Lucy's birthday cereal.

 This is the face you get when a little girl opens up anything Frozen.  So cute!

 Lucy looking "old"!  In her new (but second-hand) dress and brand-new shoes!  All ready for church!

 Her cake!

 Her dinner!  (We also had colorful green beans - they were purple, yellow, and green.  Ben and I got them at the farmer's market on Saturday.  So cool!)

 The noodles were a hit with everyone.  :)

 Yay, present time!

 Aw, she loves her new baby doll - it drinks and pees.  The kids were all pretty excited about that!  :)

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you . . . .

What a fun day!  Lucy loved it all and commented that it was "the best birthday!"  She's so sweet and it was fun to celebrate her!