Monday, August 31, 2015

A Hike

We were invited to go hiking with the Cook family (he is a doctor who Ben works with, plus he is the bishop of another ward here in town).  But not just the Cook family - the Cook family (minus 2 of their kids) plus their 4 goats and dog named Rusty.  Ben has been wanting to go hiking with the goats again, so we took them up on their offer and had a good hike!

Brigham came with us and he did awesome!  He's going to be a great hiking buddy!  He was a little too interested in the goats at first, but after a little nudge (luckily, not a full-out head-butt as they are wont to do!) from one of the goats - plus being chased by one - Brigham learned to keep his distance.  Emmy was always so scared for Brigham - it was sweet.  Jonas was scared of the goats - but I think he got over it.  It was a fun time:

 One of the goats - I'm not sure of his name.

 Christopher Cook is in the lead and his goats follow him rather well.

 There's not much cuter than a kid and a pup.

 Lunch time!

 Not a bad backdrop for our lunch, huh?

If you were under 50 pounds, you got to take a little ride on the goats.  Lucy, as you can see, was thrilled!

 Fun, fun.

 Emmy literally hopped off the first time, then got her nerves back and tried again.  :)

 You can't tell, but the girls were pretty muddy at this point!

 Oh my we love him.

His treat?  The apple he stole from the back of our car.  He loved it - both the apple and the hike!

A fun and interesting hike with the goats!

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erinmalia said...

this is just so weird to me. ha. i'm pretty sure goats and birds are not on my good-animals list.