Sunday, August 23, 2015

A Little Update on school and dog

Okay, well the kids have done 1 or 2 days of school - and so far, so good!  :)

(Maybe, Erin, I will do a graph of what you asked for!)

Both Jonas and Emmy had good days on Friday and were happy about school again.

And Miles?  The great unknown of middle school became known.  And guess what?!  He liked it!  A lot, guessing from the amount he talked about everything that happened on Friday.  He seemed excited about it all.  Of course, it was more of a fun orientation day, but at least it started out good for him (in talking to another mom whose son goes to Miles' school, she said her son just focused on all the negative things of the day.  So I was glad that Miles had reported on all the positive things!).  We'll see how much he likes school when the real classwork and homework begin . . .

And Brigham is super.  He's not perfect . . . but that's mainly due to his imperfect owners.  But he really has an excellent temperament and can be playful, but also calm.  He's gotten very lanky - all legs.  He is so skinny - so skinny that I'll check with the vet tomorrow that he's getting enough food.  Speaking of food, he eats his 3 meals a day in about 15 seconds - tops.  He can sit and lie-down on command.  Plus, he comes when called, "Brigham, come!"  He's soooooo good at coming (he loves the treat rewards at the end.  I say "treat," but really it's just his dog food.  He just loves food!).  Once, when Brigham was attempting to get in the chicken coop, I called him and he came.  It was amazing that he was distracted from doing something he wanted very badly (the chickens), and came when called.  He's awesome.  He's not potty-trained yet, but doesn't go too much in the house (he's never-ever pooped in the house!).  We just haven't had him inside for huge periods of time, so we need to increase that so we can get him potty-trained.  The kids still love and adore him and always talk to him in super high-tones (why?!).  They cheer for him like crazy when he pees outside.  :)

Ben and I even get to go on dog-walking dates - we leave our kids and go for a little walk.  It's a nice bonus for having a puppy!

Here are some cute pics of our cute pup:

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erinmalia said...

wow. leaving the kids for a walk...sounds divine. :) hooray for a happy report for everyone!