Thursday, August 06, 2015

Ben and kids in Littleton

Here are some pictures from their trip to Littleton:

One of their many stops - this is at Lake Dillon.  A great place for a lunch break!

On Sunday Ben and kids were able to go over to Ben's cousin's house.  There were a few other cousins there, plus some aunts and uncles that Ben doesn't get to see too often (plus Ben's folks, of course, and his brother's family).  It was fun evening for everyone, I think!

Monday was a visit to downtown Denver:

 This deserves mention.  This man is SALT and, according to him, he is already famous (Ben said, "We better get a picture of you so when you get famous . . ." SALT said, "I already am!"  Oh.)  Ben bought his music CD.  Funny stuff downtown.

Rolling down Grandma and Grandpa's hill is always fun!

That night Aunt Marta (to Ben, Great-Aunt Marta to my kids) came to Jim and Diana's home and presented a FHE for my family and Joe and Britt's.  It was great, per the reports from each of my kids!  In fact, they will give the FHE lesson to me next Monday.  :)

 Aunt Marta teaching all of our kids.  :)

 The kids had to do skits . . . . here is Sam and Emmy.

 Emma and Miles.

 Aunt Brittany and Lucy.

Uncle Joe and Jonas.

And those are all the pictures Ben took!  Tuesday was full of Ben and Emmy at Children's Hospital and the rest of the kids having fun at Joe and Britt's home.  They got home close to 11pm on Tuesday night.

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erinmalia said...

good times! and glad to know that should lucy lose her legs, she'd still be adorable.

um, how is salt's music?