Sunday, August 16, 2015

Dear Lucy,

Happy 5th Birthday Lucy!  Today is YOUR day.  The day we celebrate YOU by giving you gifts, telling you why we love you at dinner time, eating whatever you choose for dinner, etc., etc.  Yay!

Since your birthday falls on a Sunday this year, we did a little pre-celebration on Saturday and went swimming at the Ouray Hot Springs pool.  All you kids had a super fun time!  I tried to convince you that if you wouldn't go down the baby slide without me or you dad catching you, that you would turn 3 on your birthday instead of 5.  Ha, you didn't believe me - nor would you go down by yourself.

I think you had a pretty good year being four.  You learned to ride a bike.  It was about the easiest thing to teach you how.  Your dad put you on a bike, gave you a push, and that was that!  Since you had been riding a pedal-less bike for over a year, you were ready for the real thing and it was just so easy for you to ride.  You love riding your bike and are just so cute while doing it!  I love being behind you and just watching you pedal joyfully along.  It's so sweet.

You've become a better gymnast already.  You mastered the cartwheel and spent about a month doing them everywhere - grocery stores, restaurants, schools, the library, etc., etc.  I miss you doing them everywhere! You do need to become a better listener at gymnastics.  I always remind you by asking you before each lesson: "Okay, Lucy, who is the boss/coach?"  You always answer correctly, "Coach Kirk!"  But then you quickly forget and start doing your own thing half the time, rather than what your coach has asked you to do.  Sigh.  Maybe now that you're five, you'll outgrow this . . . ?

You like to make new friends when we are at the park, a swimming pool, or other place with lots of other kids.  You aren't shy when it comes to making new friends!

You went on two backpacking trips, even though you "don't like hiking."  You did awesome for a little 4-year old with little legs!

But you grew in other ways, too, not just in your physical feats and endeavors - more important ways, in fact.  You have developed a very sweet spirit and are very aware of other people's feelings in our family.  You are usually quick to forgive and quick to apologize.  You often try to be the peacemaker in our family as well.  Your social instincts and awareness are well beyond your years and you father and I are often super impressed with your actions.  Now, you're not perfect by any means.  You have been known to hit Emmy on the head or spit at her, etc., but you are always quick to realize your wrong and try to make it better.  It's been very fun and special to watch you this past year as you've matured and developed these traits.  Keep it up, please!  We need it - you - in our family.  :)

You finished up a year of "home-school pre-school" and loved every minute of it.  You'll be doing it again this year and are so excited!  Plus, you are also doing a "Let's Play Music" class and are super excited about that as well.  Yes, you could have started kindergarten this year.  But, for so many reasons, I'm keeping you home . . . for one more year.  My last year with a kid at home . . . sniff, sniff.  I'm not sure what I'll do without my little and adorable side-kick around next year (SNIFF, SNIFF), so let's not talk about that right now.

Let's enjoy your year of being FIVE.  Great things are to come, that I know!  I love you, I love you, I love.

love, mom