Thursday, August 27, 2015

Emmy Turns 8

Well I think we made the most of her 8th birthday - it was a fun-filled day!

 Emmy got a new bike - it has 7-gears and hand-brakes.  She's still trying to get the hang of those brakes, but she LOVES her bike.  I do, too.  That was a fun way to start out her birthday!

 Of course she wanted to ride her bike to school and of course I let her.  Look, it was wet and rainy!

 I checked Emmy out for lunch and she wanted to ride bikes to McDonalds.  It's actually a fantastic ride from our house (up a couple of blocks, to a path for a few blocks, then we are practically there).  We got there, ordered the girls' food, then I couldn't find my wallet.  Ugh.  So we rode back home and found it on the sidewalk a couple houses from our home.  It must have fallen out of my bike trailer (I was watching Wren, so she came along with us.)!  Anyways, so then we rode back and the girls got their food.  :)  I checked Emmy back in to school and went home to make cupcakes and ice cream (homemade coconut ice cream).

 Then I rushed back to the school and checked Emmy out again - this time for good.  She didn't know where we were going or what we were doing - but I was taking her to get her ears pierced!  She was excited . . . and nervous.

 Our friends own a jewelry store in town and he, Brian, just started doing ear piercings.  So we decided to go there.  Brian was great with Emmy!  Yep, she looks a little nervous.  :)

 And this was the second ear - now she knew what to expect and wasn't too excited for it again.  Emmy is a tough one and so I was really surprised at how much it hurt her.  She said getting an IV in her arm was better than getting her ears pierced.  Silly girl!

 But she loves, loves, loves it!  (Check out the cute watch she got today, too.  I ordered it online an didn't realize how huge it was . . .:)

 A close-up of this beauty with newly-pierced ears.

 Emmy's "cake."  Actually cupcakes, high-heel cupcakes to be exact.  I frosted them all, but Emmy decorated the white, yellow, and purple heels.  Lucy did the blue ones.  The girls did a great job!  Emmy even got a pair of high-heels and so she picked the perfect idea for her cake (unknowingly).

 Oh, she had me take another picture because she was covering up her earring in the first one.  I thought that was cute.  :)

She opened presents, played, we ate dinner, and then the kids watched Mulan 2 - Emmy's pick.  After that it was cake and ice cream time:

Happy Birthday dear Emmy, Happy Birthday to you!

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erinmalia said...

oh man, what a cutie! and seriously, that sounds like the perfect birthday. those high heeled cupcakes are the cutest. ha. they'll likely never make an appearance in my house!