Monday, August 31, 2015

Emmy's 8th birthday party

Emmy choose to have her "friend" birthday party (remember, my kids get one every 4 years) at Black Canyon Gymnastics.  Emmy got to invite 6 friends (after her siblings . . . 10 kids total).  She wanted all her preschool friends and then she invited a church friend and her neighborhood friend.  I asked her to invite Lila (one of her preschool friend's sister and one of Lucy's best-friends) and Emmy didn't complain one bit.  It was super easy for us and everyone had a great time!

 Too, too, too cute!

 Ready for a fun time . . .

Rope swing!

Jumping off the "diving board"!

 Where Miles spent the majority (the huge majority) of his time.

 An upside-down Lucy!

 Some wall-climbing.

 Ice cream time!

All the fun kids!

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erinmalia said...

adorable! looks easy; was it?