Monday, August 10, 2015

FHE Fashion Show!

Well Emmy and Lucy were in charge of FHE tonight and it was wonderful.  Emmy did an amazing job.  She re-taught the lesson they were all given by their Great-Aunt Marta while in Littleton last week.  Emmy typed out some stuff and conducted everything.  Jonas remarked, "I like it when the girls do FHE.  It's so funny!"  Yes, it was funny - but only in a cute, adorable way.

Anyways, after FHE we had a "fashion show."  I had taken the kids to a second-hand store and we bought bunches of stuff - mainly for the girls.  Ha.  I didn't even get pictures of their cutest "new" things, but whatevs.  Here are a few (or not so few) from our fashion show:

 Green is Groovy . . .

 I tried to "sharpen" this picture b/c it was quite unfocused.  Now it just looks a little weird.  But I wanted to show this as it captures Emmy's personality during the fashion show quite well.  :)

 Out of all of Lucy's adorable shirts and pretty dresses, this was her favorite "new" thing.  She looks awesome in it!

 Strutting out of the dressing room in her new shirts . . .

 Posing in some new leggings and a top.

 Yep, the boys even got in to it.  (We also had an "announcer" for each kid, using Emmy's microphone/karaoke player.  Jonas was pretty funny . . .)  I thought this shirt was pretty funny . . . "Nice to eat you."  Haha.

 Jonas coming down the walkway . . .

Last, but not least, Miles!

It was a very good and very fun FHE!

P.S.  Beside Emmy's legging and Lucy's shorts, none of the 'bottoms" were newly-bought items.  Just so ya know.  Jonas' red short-things?  Size 18-months.  Awesome.

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erinmalia said...

that pic of lucy in her favorite outfit? she looks just like you! we also need a trip to the thrift store.

18-months??? how would you even notice them?!