Thursday, August 27, 2015

Happy Birthday Emmy

Dear Emmy,

Happy 8th birthday!  Since I forgot to do this before, you get a picture that was actually taken on your 8th birthday.  Just this morning!  You got an awesome bike for your birthday and so you got to ride it to school.  In the wet rain.  In your super cute raincoat.  With green hair.  So score!

Your 8th birthday is a big one for two reasons.  1.  You get baptized.  2.  You get a party.  Both will be fun and special.  You will be getting baptized in a couple of weeks and you are so excited about that.  As we were reading a book about baptism that other day and the covenants you'll be making, you were a little unsure that you could do it.  But I know you can.  You are a very sweet spirit and you try your best to be your best - though sometimes you may forget (like we all do).

Your birthday party, that comes every 4 years, will be tomorrow night.  Super fun!

So what has happened this past year?  You've become more lovelier and sweet - but you've also retained your bit of sourness as well.  This shines (the sourness part) every time you are asked to do your chores.  And since chores are a daily occurrence (well, close), this happens a lot!  Just the other night - in fact, last night - you sort of flipped out.  You even told me, "I've done the dishes more than you have in your entire life!"


But that's my Emmy girl - full of spirit!  (You did lose going over to your friends for your "spirit" last night, though . . .)  You are a very strong-willed little girl - which is both a blessing and a curse!  You and your brother Miles butt heads an awful lot - probably because you both are so strong-willed.  I think, though, that you've got a little more "fire" in you!

You're physically strong, too!  Your petite body is just a facade - you've got strength somewhere hidden in you!  You continue to be a good gymnast and are always improving.  You want to be on the pre-team and I love that you have that desire.

You don't get in to all the drama that goes on in school (just a little bit).  You are a pretty great friend.  Of course there are girls you like more than others and some you don't want to play with, but you are not one of the girls that says stuff like, "If you play with so-and-so, I won't play with you."  I love that about you.

So . . . a lot of boys have crushes on you, apparently.  You tell me how Kevin loves you, and Kolter loves you (he kissed you on the cheek - I told you not to let that happen again!), etc., etc.  Even Csilla (my friend) met a boy in your grade (Derek).  When Csilla asked about you, Derek replied something like, "Oh yeah, so-and-so totally loves her."  Haha.

You, yourself, had a big crush on a boy named Edsin.  He's in the 5th grade.  I'm not quite sure he knows you exist, especially since you run away from him whenever he gets near.  I did see him one day when I was at the school - he is pretty cute.  :)

You've been calling yourself a tomboy lately.  And even though Jonas declared you weren't and was quite adamant about it (apparently he is the authority on tomboys . . .), I think you are quite a lovely tomboy.  Maybe not 100% tomboy, but a great mix of girly-girl and tomboyishness.  (Great new word, huh?!)  You've always been like this - in to all things girly, yet not afraid of being rough and tough and getting dirty!  I love that about you, too!

You have loved having Wren over to our home and I know you will make a wonderful babysitter in a couple of years!  You really love babies and love to play with them.  It's cute.

Each year you just grow more and more beautiful.  It's a little scary from a parents point of view.  :)  But you are a total package - beautiful on the outside and beautiful on the inside.

I love you - all of you: the good and the bad, the sweet and the sour.