Thursday, August 06, 2015

In to the Wild Wednesday . . . to Telluride

Well I felt badly that the kids got home so late and then we had a full day planned for Wednesday.  But that's just how life sometimes works out . . .

We went up to Telluride and had a good and long day up there!

We went on a super-short hike (.25 mile) to this waterfall.  Though the hike was short, it was certainly super steep and super slippery due to all the loose rocks.  It was a little nuts in spots, but everyone did great.
 Tess and Emmy.


 Most of the kids.  I think we are missing two.  A fun group!

 Silly kids.  :)

Oh it was slippery.  The kids would climb up the rocks - large and loose - and then have no idea how to get down.  Especially Lucy.  The other kids managed to slide down on their feet - in a low crouch.  Lucy wouldn't try that.  Instead she just cried for me to get her.  But where she was, it just wasn't possible for me - without falling.  So Lucy just fell and slid down and then I tried to grab her as she passed me and may or may not have slid half-way down the hill with her. . .

 Lucy and Lila on the gondola.

 Tess, Lila, and Lucy in the phone booth.  :)

 The kids just had to go on an elevator ride.  :)

We rode our bikes from the park to the gondola.  So fun (well after Lucy and I found Miles, Jonas, and Emmy - who had taken a wrong turn and gotten lost as they rode on ahead of us . . .) and so pretty.

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erinmalia said...

how fun these wednesday outings are. it looks so gorgeous. probably because it is.