Monday, August 17, 2015

Our baby is 5

Here are the pictures celebrating little Lucy turning 5!

 On Saturday we went to the Ouray Hot Springs pool - fun, fun!

 That night (Saturday - the day before Lucy's birthday), we let the kids sleep out on the tramp.  They had a blast jumping and playing.

Then it was time for glow-sticks!  Yay!  Then it started raining.  So we had the kids get under the tramp and we put our tent tarp over the tramp.  It was great.  But then Lucy got scared of "robbers" coming and so she came inside to sleep in her bed.  Then it started thundering and lightning.  It was getting pretty bad.  Ben went out and told the kids if they saw lightning and it thundered within 3 seconds, that they should come in.  Within a few minutes there was a big clap of thunder - I went out to get the kids - who were already at the back door.  They had counted 2 seconds.  So they all slept in the girls' room.  :)

 Birthday morning with the traditional crepe paper on the door!

 Flowers (from Ben) and Lucy's birthday cereal.

 This is the face you get when a little girl opens up anything Frozen.  So cute!

 Lucy looking "old"!  In her new (but second-hand) dress and brand-new shoes!  All ready for church!

 Her cake!

 Her dinner!  (We also had colorful green beans - they were purple, yellow, and green.  Ben and I got them at the farmer's market on Saturday.  So cool!)

 The noodles were a hit with everyone.  :)

 Yay, present time!

 Aw, she loves her new baby doll - it drinks and pees.  The kids were all pretty excited about that!  :)

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you . . . .

What a fun day!  Lucy loved it all and commented that it was "the best birthday!"  She's so sweet and it was fun to celebrate her!

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erinmalia said...

happy birthday lucy! what a fun day. little girls looks so easy: dolls and frozen. :) and that cake turned out great!

so. the noodles. you dyed them first, but how? hydrogen peroxide and food coloring? and then just cooked them like normal? they look awesome!