Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Our Last Wild Wednesday for the Summer . . .

So next Wednesday is the day before school starts and so I think this was our last Into the Wild Wednesday for the summer.  We made it a GREAT one, though!  I had seen this hike posted by someone else and it sounded perfect - 3-miles, a loop, low elevation gain, cascades, waterfall, and three lakes.  Oh and we got a bonus:  beautiful wildflowers!

It was a little far - near Crested Butte, about 2 hours away (well 2 hours there, 2 1/2 back since we went through the town of Crested Butte).  I think that distance kept a lot of people from coming.  But for those of us that made the trek (3 families, plus Kayla), it was more than worth it.  Even ask the kids - most of who complained and moaned & groaned this morning about driving far for a hike (and not just mine).

The hike was full of mushrooms!  I think these ones are poisonous?!  But there were all sorts of mushrooms - much to the delight of Lila and Lucy.

Our first lake, Lost Lake.  The kids loved the logs on the edge of the lake.

Lucy and a pretty bouquet made by Kayla.

The pretty waterfall and cascades.

Kayla eating her PB for lunch.  :)

The second lake - Dollar Lake.  Beautiful.

Lunch time.  I'll mail somebody a treat if they can tell me who Ben and I think Heather looks like (Heather is the mom in this picture).

Heather's little Clara.  Too, too cute!

Kayla played a lot with Lucy and Lila.

Balancing on sinking, turning logs was a hit!

All the kids (minus Clara) that came on the hike.

Two cute friends.

The beautiful wildflowers.

Just a pretty picture of a pretty scene and a pretty girl.

In the background is the last lake, Lost Lake Slough.  This was near the end - such a beautiful and fun hike!  (Lucy's comment when she saw this picture:  "It looks like I'm falling asleep!")

And, yes, this is what happens when you don't listen to your mom when she tells you if you don't wear socks you will get a blister.  Aiyiyi.  I think next time we go hiking, she'll wear socks!


erinmalia said...

oh man, i want a treat! do i know this doppelganger? now you're going to drive me crazy all day.

BUT the hike looks amazing! i'm so sad your wild wednesdays are ending.

and that blister? oy.

erinmalia said...

renee zellweger? i have no idea!