Monday, September 14, 2015

Preschool at our house . . . with the letter B

Last week we hosted Lucy's preschool group.  There are 6 kids - five girls and one boy.  :)  It's a very sweet and good and fun group.  It's a lot of work and planning for those 2 days, but now I'm off for 5 weeks.  It's perfect - I love doing homeschool preschool!  And this year is my last year . . . 


 B is for Bear snacks.


 Painting bow-tie noodles for butterflies.

Free-time - jumping on the tramp!

Lucy wanted me to make a slow-motion video, so this was for her:

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erinmalia said...

oy. that's a lot of kids, but nice for you to be done for five weeks.