Monday, September 21, 2015

We're Due An . . . Update!

I'm tired - that's my update.  :)  Life is busy - that's my update, too.  But I'll bore you (if you read this all) by giving you a more full update on everyone.  Yes, everyone.

Lucy - she loves her preschool and goes on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  She has a cute music class, called Let's Play Music, on Wednesdays - which she loves as well.  Gymnastics on Tuesday afternoons.  Other than that, she is mainly stuck at home or running errands with me.  We've started some basic reading on Starfall - some days reading clicks for her, other days . . . not at all.  She's in to laughing uncontrollably at times.

Emmy - she has thrown quite the fits this past week.  Lots of stomping of feet and gnashing of teeth.  Other than that, she's really sweet.  Sugar and spice is this one!  She doesn't like Miles (and that's putting it waaaaay nicer than how she puts it . . .).  They butt heads a ton.  She likes school, but doesn't like her class - they are not very good, per her report.  Sometimes when she is doing her reading, she is mad and so she'll read in a very mad voice.  I tell her that someday I am going to record it and email it to her teacher.  She's a beautiful nut of a gal.

Jonas - he has a 3-month substitute teacher while his "real" teacher is out on maternity leave.  I think he's a bigger fan of his "real" teacher.  He is doing flag-football. ("Why do you guys always make me do sports?" was a question he asked Ben the other week.  We didn't make him, he wanted to - was what we reminded him . . . )  He has fun, but has no clue really about the game - and that really shows through on his Saturday games.  Sigh.  The coach thought he played way better last Saturday - but he pretty much looked the same to me.  Sigh.  He's a great kid, though, and besides his whining, he doesn't cause too much trouble.

Miles - he continues to be . . . Miles.  Which is a struggle for me!  He doesn't like Emmy.  I went on a field trip with him and the rest of the 6th grade today.  It was kind of boring, really.  But it was at a pretty site and was probably good for those kids to just get out of town, I guess.  It was nice driving, though - Miles got to ride with me instead of having to take the bus.  We played "Bowling Dice" on the way up and again on the way back.  It was pretty tricky to do while driving . . . yet I feel it was safer than sending Miles on the bus on that crazy 4WD of a road (though that's not why I drove - I didn't have a clue beforehand of what kind of road we had to drive on)!  We were behind the buses and at one quite narrow and tight curve, one bus' wheel was pretty darn close to the edge.  Miles was super happy to have not been on the bus!  Some kid invited Miles to eat lunch with his group.  Later, when I asked what his name way, Miles didn't know.  But he did know the boy was in his CREW class.  CREW is a special, new class that Miles' school is doing.  I think it is to develop relationships with other kids and talk about issues that they are facing.  Or, as Miles put it, "to help us bond. . . I don't know why, though?!"  Classic Miles.  He really likes middle school and loves his after-school class on Tuesday - baking cookies.

Me - I was put in the primary presidency a couple of weeks ago and have done the past 3 sharing times.  One more time to go and then I'm off for 2 months!  I like being in the primary.  I was released from being a primary teacher.  Also, last week, I was released from being the Cubmaster and Den Leader.  I think I am a little sad about that.  I went on Saturday with my cub scouts boys on a previously-planned hiking trip.  Plus, I will go again this Wednesday - just to finish off some requirements we were working on.  I also feel bad - the new Cubmaster has 4 young kids, a husband who won't be around most Wednesday nights and thus she'll have to bring all 4 kids - it just sounds so familiar.  And it was hard (so, yes, I also feel relieved at the release).  I feel badly about having someone else have to go through that!  I'm busy with being the non-official PAC (PTA) president.  I don't want to be the president, so I haven't said that I am.  But I would say I am acting like one . . . Luckily our school's PAC is made up of just a few of us and so we aren't very official.  If someone wants to make it more official, I will vote for them to be the president.

Ben - has had a few more days off than planned these past few weeks.  The surgery center has just been super slow lately!  I'm not totally sure why . . . ?  It did allow him to finish up his Ward Conference church talk way ahead of time, which was nice.  He meets with the head-honcho nurse at the hospital tomorrow - just to see if he can get clearance to do cases there.  Like on-call weekends, or something.  Oh, and not as a nurse.  As a RNFA - first assist.  He loves watching BYU football - plus any other college football games.  He's really happy when BYU wins (twice!) and not so happy when they lose (once!).  We went on a date-night last Friday (we're doing a babysitting-swap thing with my friend Csilla) and played tennis.  He beat me, as always - 6-2.  But I came really close in a lot of those games.  :)

Wilson - he is old and slightly grumpy.  Tolerates Brigham.  Wants to steal Brigham's chew bones.  Still cute.

Brigham - growing like a weed.  Adorable and loved.  Has the cutest bark.  Has the best temperament ever.  Just sooooooo cute.

And one picture for fun:
Half of my crazy-cuties.

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