Saturday, October 31, 2015

Lots of Halloween Happenings

Well it was a full weekend of Halloween; actually, it started on Thursday with a sneak-peek of Lucy's costume as she got to dress-up for preschool:

Lucy, the sneaky robber!  :)

Then on Friday we went (we = me, Lucy, and Wren) to story-time all dressed-up and got to trick-or-treat to a few desks there.  :)  Then later the same "we" went to school to see Jonas' and Emmy's school parade and attend Emmy's classroom party.

 This isn't the best picture, but it does show the Cat in the Hat (i.e., Mrs. Cretti, Emmy's teacher).

 Hedwig/snowy owl walking in the parade.

Again, not the best picture - but it does show you our cute Redcoat soldier and some of his classmates.

Miles, who wore his costume all day at school (and was a little nervous that no one else would be dressed up . . . but luckily that wasn't the case), carved this little pumpkin when he got home from school:

Miles took the picture and apparently he placed the apple there to show how small the pumpkin is.

That night was our trunk-or-treat at church.  Emmy's costume was one that I finally got around to making on Tuesday - yes 3 days before she needed it!  But it came together and she really, really loved it.  This picture shows you the wings from the back:

Cute, cute.

And, finally, here is my whole gang:
Jacob Marley, robber, Hedwig/snowy owl, and a Redcoat.  We bought Jonas' costume.  Miles' and Lucy's were put together from second-hand store stuff.  Awesome, awesome.

Then came the actual Halloween day.  We spent the morning cleaning and doing our Saturday chores - fun, fun!  We managed to get out on a hike with Brigham and that was nice.  Then we came home and the kids watched a Halloween show.  Then we finally got around to carving pumpkins.  Then dinner.  Then trick-or-treating!  I actually decided to stay home and hand-out candy.  Ben went with our kids and some neighbors for a bit and then came back with the girls.  The boys got to go with the neighbors some more and came home a little before 9.  They had an awesome time.

It was a fantastic Halloween for the kids, I would say!

 Emmy the owl.  (Although she was called a chicken, a bird, an angel . . . etc.)

 Lucy loved being a robber!

 She's just too cute.

 And one more!  What a doll.  I'd give her ALL my candy if she came to rob me.  :)

 Miles has been wanting to be Jacob Marley for like a year . . . maybe since last Christmas-time?  I think his costume turned out pretty great and he thought so, too!

 Ben made this gun, per Jonas' request, a few months back.  I think that is why Jonas wanted to be a Redcoat.  Some people thought he was a pirate, but they just don't know anything.  :)  Amazon came through on this one!

 Some of the gang heading out . . .

 My pumpkin.

Miles' pumpkin.

 Jonas' pumpkin.

Lucy's pumpkin.

 Jonas' pumpkin he made a cub scouts this week.

 Emmy's pumpkin.

The boys did all their carving . . . the girls drew theirs and then Ben carved them.  It was fun to have a bunch of pumpkins on our porch. (We were going to get pumpkins today . . .but last night at the trunk-or-treat a lot of "decoration" pumpkins were just left - perfect for us!  We didn't have to buy any!)

Some of the spoils of the night (This is mostly just Lucy's candy).  Of course the boys have quite a bit more!  But everyone was happy!

Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Mustache Day

So for October's Spirit Day,we went with "Mustache Day."  To say it was a hit would be an understatement!  Kids could wear a mustache from home, draw one on, or buy one from us (PAC) that morning.  Well we totally ran out of our supply!  So after some quick-thinking, I realized I had some sticky craft foam at home and so I zoomed home and Patty and I took turns cutting out mustaches and delivering them to students who wanted one.  The ones we made weren't as cool as the "real" (fake) mustaches I had bought, but oh well.  We brought in the most money we've ever done for a spirit day and so that was great.  And I had lined us up with a great sponsor and so it was a successful spirit day.

 My three cuties ready with their mustaches!

 There was an awards assembly that morning and most of the teachers sported their 'staches, too!  How awesome are they!?

Speaking of the awards assembly . . . Emmy received TWO awards.  Each quarter there is a focus on one of the school's core standards (called SAILS - "Shows respect," "Acts Responsibly," etc.) Emmy's teacher gave Emmy the award in her class for "Shows respect."  Then the librarian also awarded Emmy out of the whole 2nd-grade for "Shows respect."  How cool.

Some of the cool Northside kids and their mustaches!

Fun, fun.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

2015-16 School Year Pictures

 Emmy, 2nd grade, Mrs. Cretti, Northside.

 Jonas, 4th grade, Mrs. Lopez (with Mrs. Young as a 3-month sub.), Northside.

Miles, 6th grade, lots of teachers, Centennial Middle School.

Thursday, October 22, 2015


Brigham is doing great!  He is pretty much potty-trained - like 99%.  He rings a bell (the "Tinkle Bell" hahaha) when he needs to go out.  It's awesome.  I've ran with him, as well as Ben, and he's a great running buddy!  Not perfect, as sometimes he just wants to stop and smell the roses sniff other dogs' poop, but he's still great.  He's just barely trotting along - his sprint is waaaaay faster than mine.  :)  We start another puppy training class next Monday - I think it's going to be soooo much better than what Petco offered and so I am really excited for it.  My kids are scared for Brigham because I told them that a pit-bull is in his class.  But then I told my kids that pit-bulls really only eat kids, not other dogs, so now we are good.  :)  They (my kids) just might not want to ever come to a class . . .

Anyways, just a few pictures of him (he is growing like a . . . pup!)

 He is not "supposed" to be on our furniture.  Sometimes, though, when we "aren't looking," he gets away with it.  At least he doesn't shed.

 Lucy loves him still, too - as do all the kids!  He is just so sweet.  He even lets Lucy play "Pippy Longstocking" with him.

Wilson still tolerates him.  :)

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A Classic Way to End our Fall Break . . . at the Pumpkin Patch

Grand Junction has a wonderfully fun pumpkin patch. I adore it.  So my friend and I decided to take our kids up there today - our last day of Fall Break (that's not what it was called, but that's what I'm calling it!).  It was perfect today - during the weekday made it so less busy; we practically had it to ourselves at times.  The weather was overcast and cooler - it couldn't have been better, really!  It was a great day there!

 Pumpkin heads . . . nice face Miles.

 The big bouncy orange thing is a big hit.

 The goat was just taking a drink of water and struttin' around the patch.

 "Mom, can we please get a pig!?"  No . . .

 The zip-line was new this year and was super fun - the kids loved it.

 There was a smaller one for the . . . smaller ones, and it was loved, too.  Emmy finally did ask the "people" if she could do the bigger one since not many people were there.  She was told yes and had fun on the big one, too.

 Even we adults took a zip on the line!  Super fun.

 Jumping off the haystacks in to the corn pile was a blast apparently and was done over and over and over and over . . .

 Two best of friends having a blast!

 Okay, so I have tons of pictures of this pumpkin thing - because I love it so!

 The munchkins.

 Me with my munchkins.

 Patty and her munchkin.

 We spent lots of time on the big white slide.  So fun.

 Emmy, aka surfer girl.

And, yes, there are pumpkins there, too!  And behind that is the corn maze - which the boys and Patty went to.  Finally for Miles!  He's been wanting to do it for years - but I haven't been able to commit to taking him because I have the girls and know they wouldn't last more than 5 minutes in it.  So it was perfect to have Patty there!

And maybe later I'll post one of the million of videos I was demanded to take of the girls going down the slide . . .

Fun, fun.

Sunday Hair

It's a rare occasion when I do my girls' hair, especially on a Sunday.  I mean, I do ask them to brush it.  But it's kind of annoying to always get moans and groans when I ask them to let me do something to their hair.  Then cries (mainly from Emmy) when I so much as touch a strand on their head.  So, anyways, it was quite unusual for my girls to request I do something to their hair - Lucy opted for me to crimp her hair and Emmy decided to have it curled (Oh, mom, you had like 2-3 curling irons in the downstairs' bathroom so I took one . . .).

I haven't used a curling iron in like . . . 20 years?  I had my haircut a month or so ago and Jen curled my hair - a first in probably that many years.  But Sunday was the first I had actually used one in probably 2 decades.  It was weird.

But both turned out adorable and the pictures just don't do it justice to how cute they looked!

You especially can't see Lucy's hair - but it was super cute.

Next up:  curled for Lucy and crimped for Emmy!  :)

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Goblin Valley, trip #3

Well the kids had/have some days off of school - a lot in fact!  So I decided to take the kids camping on Thursday night - the kids all voted for Goblin Valley.  I invited my friend Csilla and Miles talked her and her kids in to coming with us.  :)

We left Thursday by 1 (it was 1/2 day) and got to Goblin Valley State Park and it was PACKED (yes, caps are totally necessary).  It turned out to be Utah's UEA weekend - which meant they had Thursday and Friday off of school, too!  It worked out fine, but wow it was sure full of people!

The kids had a dandy time running and climbing all around the rock goblins.  It's always fun to watch them.

We didn't stay more than an hour because we were anxious to find a camping spot and start setting up before it got dark.  We did find a great spot and had a good evening (with the exception of an incident by Miles . . . that kid . . . I have no nice words for him at times . . . luckily Levi did not need stitches . . .).  It stayed warm all evening long.  The three biggest boys (Miles, Jonas, and Kyle) slept in a little play tent and had a good time.  We had fun all in our big tent.

The good thing about camping in the fall?  It doesn't get light super early!  So we didn't officially get up until 7.  Wahoo.

The kids played and climbed a ton.  I had to climb up a huge hill and rescue Lucy, who was too scared to climb down.  :)  Then we left for the hike - Little Wildhorse Canyon, of course.

Besides being a little crowded, the hike was awesome!  Oh, there was a threat of flash-floods and so we were encouraged to be out by noon-ish.  So we kind of rushed it and didn't go in as far as in times past, but we did get to the slot parts so it was all grand.  The kids had a lot of fun.

We then tried to go back to Goblin Valley - hoping our day-pass we had gotten the day before was good for 24-hours (like in Colorado).  Unfortunately that wasn't the case and we didn't want to pay again.  Luckily we found a spot outside of the park and had lunch there and the kids climbed and climbed some more!

It was a good time for sure.  Not perfect or without its problems, but definitely worth the trek there and back.

Now for pictures:

 Goblin Valley!

 She's just too cute - especially in those striped tights!

 The three adorable girls:  Emmy (check out that pose!), Lexi, and Lucy.

 The boys enjoying the fire.  Of course.

 Everyone in the tent!  Getting ready for bed . . .

 Good morning!

 The beginning of our hike.

 Lucy found a nice resting spot.

 All of us!

 Love, love, love the slots!

 How cute.

 These boys, Jonas and Kyle, were inspired by some Scouts they had seen with some mud-marks on their faces.  Haha.

The lunch "playground" site - they ran and climbed and ran and climbed.

See ya next year Goblin Valley?!