Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A Classic Way to End our Fall Break . . . at the Pumpkin Patch

Grand Junction has a wonderfully fun pumpkin patch. I adore it.  So my friend and I decided to take our kids up there today - our last day of Fall Break (that's not what it was called, but that's what I'm calling it!).  It was perfect today - during the weekday made it so less busy; we practically had it to ourselves at times.  The weather was overcast and cooler - it couldn't have been better, really!  It was a great day there!

 Pumpkin heads . . . nice face Miles.

 The big bouncy orange thing is a big hit.

 The goat was just taking a drink of water and struttin' around the patch.

 "Mom, can we please get a pig!?"  No . . .

 The zip-line was new this year and was super fun - the kids loved it.

 There was a smaller one for the . . . smaller ones, and it was loved, too.  Emmy finally did ask the "people" if she could do the bigger one since not many people were there.  She was told yes and had fun on the big one, too.

 Even we adults took a zip on the line!  Super fun.

 Jumping off the haystacks in to the corn pile was a blast apparently and was done over and over and over and over . . .

 Two best of friends having a blast!

 Okay, so I have tons of pictures of this pumpkin thing - because I love it so!

 The munchkins.

 Me with my munchkins.

 Patty and her munchkin.

 We spent lots of time on the big white slide.  So fun.

 Emmy, aka surfer girl.

And, yes, there are pumpkins there, too!  And behind that is the corn maze - which the boys and Patty went to.  Finally for Miles!  He's been wanting to do it for years - but I haven't been able to commit to taking him because I have the girls and know they wouldn't last more than 5 minutes in it.  So it was perfect to have Patty there!

And maybe later I'll post one of the million of videos I was demanded to take of the girls going down the slide . . .

Fun, fun.

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erinmalia said...

sweet! i love the jumping pictures. and that one of jonas and ivan (i'm guessing) is awesome. love jonas's face. and that pumpkin thing IS cool! oh, i can't do the jumping pillow because i pee my pants. ha.