Thursday, October 22, 2015


Brigham is doing great!  He is pretty much potty-trained - like 99%.  He rings a bell (the "Tinkle Bell" hahaha) when he needs to go out.  It's awesome.  I've ran with him, as well as Ben, and he's a great running buddy!  Not perfect, as sometimes he just wants to stop and smell the roses sniff other dogs' poop, but he's still great.  He's just barely trotting along - his sprint is waaaaay faster than mine.  :)  We start another puppy training class next Monday - I think it's going to be soooo much better than what Petco offered and so I am really excited for it.  My kids are scared for Brigham because I told them that a pit-bull is in his class.  But then I told my kids that pit-bulls really only eat kids, not other dogs, so now we are good.  :)  They (my kids) just might not want to ever come to a class . . .

Anyways, just a few pictures of him (he is growing like a . . . pup!)

 He is not "supposed" to be on our furniture.  Sometimes, though, when we "aren't looking," he gets away with it.  At least he doesn't shed.

 Lucy loves him still, too - as do all the kids!  He is just so sweet.  He even lets Lucy play "Pippy Longstocking" with him.

Wilson still tolerates him.  :)

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erinmalia said...

aw, two cuties for sure.