Sunday, October 11, 2015

BYU Homecoming

As BYU football started, I had the thought of it maybe being fun for our family to go and watch a game live.  Until I saw the prices - those game tickets are pretty pricey!  Plus, my kids don't even really care about watching football on the TV (with commercials!), so the likelihood of them sitting for 4-hours was pretty low.  Anyhow, I had seen an ad in the BYU alumni magazine for the BYU Spectacular during Homecoming week.  I had never heard of it while at BYU, but thought it would be a fun event for our family to go.  So I bought tickets - the cheapest ones, which were way cheaper than football tickets!

We headed out Friday morning and made it in good time and our first stop was on campus to visit Professor Christian Sabey, who just goes by "Christian" I guess.  :)  Christian is one of Ben's best-buddies from high school and college and beyond and Christian just got hired this fall as a professor in the Special Education department (or close).  So we saw his office and chatted with him for a while.  It was great fun.

Then we arranged to meet up with one of our local Young Men who just started up at BYU this fall.  We had a good visit with him on campus and then took him out to dinner.  He's a great kid and it was fun to hear about his experiences so far.

We then went to the BYU Spectacular that evening and saw David Archuleta perform, along with other BYU groups (Vocal Point, Women's Choir, Cougarettes, etc.).  It was a fun show!  Also, our seats were as high as you can go in the Marriott Center!  Awesome.  We got home late that night - 11pm - and so we didn't force ourselves up early the next morning for blue pancakes and the homecoming parade.

Instead, I went on an awesome Midway run - running up Memorial hill.  I almost cried at the beauty of Midway.  Seriously.  As I got home, Ben was heading out with the kids to swim and so I quickly ate and met them at the pool.  Of course the kids had a great time.  Then we went to IKEA which would wasn't as fun as I imagined . . . but we did get a few items that I wanted, including some unexpected finds.

That evening we had Christian and his wife Erin over - plus their three cuties, Minnie (3), Hope (2), and Vance (7 weeks).  I'm bummed I didn't get any pictures of them!  We tried watching the BYU football game, but had a little trouble with the WiFi, so we ended up at the Sabey's home (they just closed on it a couple of months ago.  It's in Heber.  It's a wonderful home, too!).  Anyways, we stayed and had a great time with them.

Sunday morning was clean-up time, packing, and get-ready-for-church time - all by 9am.  We made it!  :)  We had a fine drive home and regular life will resume tomorrow.

 This was a random classroom in Christian's building.  Some of them are attempting to look "smart."  :)

 Ya know, just two girls walking around campus, reading the Daily Universe.

 And a mom and her 2 boys strolling the campus.  As Ben said, "Miles is almost as tall as you!"  Well Jonas isn't far behind as he is pretty much as tall as Miles.  I sure hope they surpass me!

 And that's Logan - he's practically perfect.  I want my boys to be either like Captain Moroni or like Logan.  :)  This picture was taken after dinner.

There they are at the Marriott Center's highest seats!  Awesome. :)  It was a fun show and the kids enjoyed it!

And that's it!

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erinmalia said...

hooray for utah! i probably would have actually cried while running up memorial hill. i love utah so much.