Thursday, October 08, 2015


Today was a day Emmy's been longing:  when she can take out her studs and wear other earrings!  Here is what she wore:

Um, yep, coffee cups I guess!  Although I also told her it could be "hot cocoa" as well.  :)  Our sweet neighbor gave Emmy a bunch of earrings when Emmy told her that she can start wearing different ones.  Very sweet.  Emmy came home from school and put on another pair - dangly (really, that's not a word?!) ice-cream earrings.  Oh how fun.  And adorable.


erinmalia said...

haha. coffee cups on the bishop's daughter! whatever will people say!? nothing of course because she's just too cute. :) now i know what to get her for Christmas!

Niederfam said...

Ha ha.....hot cocoa cups it is. CUTE regardless