Sunday, October 18, 2015

Goblin Valley, trip #3

Well the kids had/have some days off of school - a lot in fact!  So I decided to take the kids camping on Thursday night - the kids all voted for Goblin Valley.  I invited my friend Csilla and Miles talked her and her kids in to coming with us.  :)

We left Thursday by 1 (it was 1/2 day) and got to Goblin Valley State Park and it was PACKED (yes, caps are totally necessary).  It turned out to be Utah's UEA weekend - which meant they had Thursday and Friday off of school, too!  It worked out fine, but wow it was sure full of people!

The kids had a dandy time running and climbing all around the rock goblins.  It's always fun to watch them.

We didn't stay more than an hour because we were anxious to find a camping spot and start setting up before it got dark.  We did find a great spot and had a good evening (with the exception of an incident by Miles . . . that kid . . . I have no nice words for him at times . . . luckily Levi did not need stitches . . .).  It stayed warm all evening long.  The three biggest boys (Miles, Jonas, and Kyle) slept in a little play tent and had a good time.  We had fun all in our big tent.

The good thing about camping in the fall?  It doesn't get light super early!  So we didn't officially get up until 7.  Wahoo.

The kids played and climbed a ton.  I had to climb up a huge hill and rescue Lucy, who was too scared to climb down.  :)  Then we left for the hike - Little Wildhorse Canyon, of course.

Besides being a little crowded, the hike was awesome!  Oh, there was a threat of flash-floods and so we were encouraged to be out by noon-ish.  So we kind of rushed it and didn't go in as far as in times past, but we did get to the slot parts so it was all grand.  The kids had a lot of fun.

We then tried to go back to Goblin Valley - hoping our day-pass we had gotten the day before was good for 24-hours (like in Colorado).  Unfortunately that wasn't the case and we didn't want to pay again.  Luckily we found a spot outside of the park and had lunch there and the kids climbed and climbed some more!

It was a good time for sure.  Not perfect or without its problems, but definitely worth the trek there and back.

Now for pictures:

 Goblin Valley!

 She's just too cute - especially in those striped tights!

 The three adorable girls:  Emmy (check out that pose!), Lexi, and Lucy.

 The boys enjoying the fire.  Of course.

 Everyone in the tent!  Getting ready for bed . . .

 Good morning!

 The beginning of our hike.

 Lucy found a nice resting spot.

 All of us!

 Love, love, love the slots!

 How cute.

 These boys, Jonas and Kyle, were inspired by some Scouts they had seen with some mud-marks on their faces.  Haha.

The lunch "playground" site - they ran and climbed and ran and climbed.

See ya next year Goblin Valley?!

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erinmalia said...

YES! mothers and sons campouts! goblin valley is just so cool as is little wild horse. your pictures are awesome.