Saturday, October 31, 2015

Lots of Halloween Happenings

Well it was a full weekend of Halloween; actually, it started on Thursday with a sneak-peek of Lucy's costume as she got to dress-up for preschool:

Lucy, the sneaky robber!  :)

Then on Friday we went (we = me, Lucy, and Wren) to story-time all dressed-up and got to trick-or-treat to a few desks there.  :)  Then later the same "we" went to school to see Jonas' and Emmy's school parade and attend Emmy's classroom party.

 This isn't the best picture, but it does show the Cat in the Hat (i.e., Mrs. Cretti, Emmy's teacher).

 Hedwig/snowy owl walking in the parade.

Again, not the best picture - but it does show you our cute Redcoat soldier and some of his classmates.

Miles, who wore his costume all day at school (and was a little nervous that no one else would be dressed up . . . but luckily that wasn't the case), carved this little pumpkin when he got home from school:

Miles took the picture and apparently he placed the apple there to show how small the pumpkin is.

That night was our trunk-or-treat at church.  Emmy's costume was one that I finally got around to making on Tuesday - yes 3 days before she needed it!  But it came together and she really, really loved it.  This picture shows you the wings from the back:

Cute, cute.

And, finally, here is my whole gang:
Jacob Marley, robber, Hedwig/snowy owl, and a Redcoat.  We bought Jonas' costume.  Miles' and Lucy's were put together from second-hand store stuff.  Awesome, awesome.

Then came the actual Halloween day.  We spent the morning cleaning and doing our Saturday chores - fun, fun!  We managed to get out on a hike with Brigham and that was nice.  Then we came home and the kids watched a Halloween show.  Then we finally got around to carving pumpkins.  Then dinner.  Then trick-or-treating!  I actually decided to stay home and hand-out candy.  Ben went with our kids and some neighbors for a bit and then came back with the girls.  The boys got to go with the neighbors some more and came home a little before 9.  They had an awesome time.

It was a fantastic Halloween for the kids, I would say!

 Emmy the owl.  (Although she was called a chicken, a bird, an angel . . . etc.)

 Lucy loved being a robber!

 She's just too cute.

 And one more!  What a doll.  I'd give her ALL my candy if she came to rob me.  :)

 Miles has been wanting to be Jacob Marley for like a year . . . maybe since last Christmas-time?  I think his costume turned out pretty great and he thought so, too!

 Ben made this gun, per Jonas' request, a few months back.  I think that is why Jonas wanted to be a Redcoat.  Some people thought he was a pirate, but they just don't know anything.  :)  Amazon came through on this one!

 Some of the gang heading out . . .

 My pumpkin.

Miles' pumpkin.

 Jonas' pumpkin.

Lucy's pumpkin.

 Jonas' pumpkin he made a cub scouts this week.

 Emmy's pumpkin.

The boys did all their carving . . . the girls drew theirs and then Ben carved them.  It was fun to have a bunch of pumpkins on our porch. (We were going to get pumpkins today . . .but last night at the trunk-or-treat a lot of "decoration" pumpkins were just left - perfect for us!  We didn't have to buy any!)

Some of the spoils of the night (This is mostly just Lucy's candy).  Of course the boys have quite a bit more!  But everyone was happy!

Happy Halloween!

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erinmalia said...

wow. everyone looks great! you did an outstanding job on emmy's costume. so sad they couldn't trick or treat at my house.