Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Our Littleton Weekend of Soccer Games, Cousins, Grandparents, and Conference

Whooeee, what a weekend.  We had been wanting to go to our nephew Sam's HS soccer game and amazingly got the chance (when Ben's work had no cases scheduled last Friday).  We left on Friday morning, watched Sam's game (which they won in double-overtime!), and had some cousin-time that night.  On Saturday we went to our nephew Nicholas' soccer game (he scored a goal!), had more cousin-time and grandparent-time, watched some conference, took a walk, etc., etc.  Sunday was filled with going to church to watch conference in the morning (oh, after our conference-breakfast), then spending the rest of the day at Joe and Britt's watching conference and eating and visiting.  We left Monday morning and had a long 5-hour drive that turned in to an 8-hour drive thanks mainly to construction.  It was a wonderful weekend with family, though!

 On the way there we stopped in Glenwood for a little hike.  It was beautiful.

 Brigham dared to get his paws wet - finally!  But that was about it.

 So this is what our kids did during the entire high school soccer game, pretty much:  played on the grassy hill.

 Soccer-star Sam!  (Wow, Jonas is just about covering me up. Awesome.  Really.  I want my kids to be taller than I am!)

 Go, Nicholas, Go!  It was so fun to actually see kids get in to the game!  He's a great little player!

 And here is what my kids mainly did during Nicholas' game:  climbed the pine tree.  Jonas did tell me that he saw Nicholas score a goal while up in the tree.  So I guess they watched a little bit.  :)  (Can you find Miles?)

 My girls with their cousins Emma and Grace.  Seriously, some of the best girls around (their brothers are some of the best boys around, too)!  So beautiful - inside and out.  We're lucky to call them family!  :)

Awwww, how sweet.

Now if only ALL of our kids' cousins would move within a 5-hour driving radius!  PLEASE.  I'm serious.


erinmalia said...

oh i want to move closer, i really do! but how shall we live?! hooray for fun weekends, but sorry about the traffic. that's usually my problem, not yours.

Niederfam said...

Looks like a pretty perfect weekend to me!!