Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Sunday Hair

It's a rare occasion when I do my girls' hair, especially on a Sunday.  I mean, I do ask them to brush it.  But it's kind of annoying to always get moans and groans when I ask them to let me do something to their hair.  Then cries (mainly from Emmy) when I so much as touch a strand on their head.  So, anyways, it was quite unusual for my girls to request I do something to their hair - Lucy opted for me to crimp her hair and Emmy decided to have it curled (Oh, mom, you had like 2-3 curling irons in the downstairs' bathroom so I took one . . .).

I haven't used a curling iron in like . . . 20 years?  I had my haircut a month or so ago and Jen curled my hair - a first in probably that many years.  But Sunday was the first I had actually used one in probably 2 decades.  It was weird.

But both turned out adorable and the pictures just don't do it justice to how cute they looked!

You especially can't see Lucy's hair - but it was super cute.

Next up:  curled for Lucy and crimped for Emmy!  :)

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erinmalia said...

i think you've just opened pandora's box. next they'll want crazy braids and you'll have to spend all your time researching it on pinterest. :)