Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Thanksgiving break so far . . .

The kids got the entire week off from school (first time ever) and so Ben requested the week, too.  Perfect.

We left Saturday for Littleton - after a few setbacks of 1.  a snowstorm that prevented us from leaving on Friday evening, 2.  Brigham getting sick, and 3.  Emmy having to go to the doc's on Saturday morning for yet another UTI.  But we got off by 10am and had a dandy of a drive - for the most part.

I'm just going to post a bunch of random pictures and will comment from there:

 While Brigham was sick, the kids (girls especially) took good care of him.  :)  He barfed a bunch on Friday.  He still wasn't feeling great on Saturday morning when we first got up - then all of a sudden he was!  Yay.  That wouldn't have been fun traveling with a sick dog . . .

Brigham's normal place in the car (behind the back row seats) was taken up by luggage.  So he struggled to find his new spot.  Jonas didn't mind too much.


We had fun that evening at Joe and Britt's home (i.e., the cousin's home).  Then Sunday was a nice day of church, a walk with the whole family (which included both dogs), Ben and I driving out to pick up our cute niece who had a quick one-night stay with us, dinner all together at Joe and Britt's house, birthday cake celebrating Joe's birthday, etc.

Monday we went swimming.  There was this lazy river there and the kids just had a blast.  It was fun!

Then Tuesday we went skiing at Loveland resort.  While not perfect, it was definitely a great ski trip and everyone had a great time - expect when we didn't.  :)

Sisters are good to have around when you don't want to take off your gloves and put on sun-block . . .

 A bunch of cuties for sure!  They are all getting better - but Emmy definitely has the best form!

Ben skied like this for the most part of the day.  It's hard work!  Lucy had chances to ski on her own, but since we sort of skied all together, she was "leashed" a bunch so as to come on the bigger runs with us.  Lucy, too, is getting better.

This was a way-cool cabin at the top of one of the lifts.  It was nice and cozy and warm in there - a perfect place to rest and eat some jerky.

Emmy and I on the ski lift . . . good times.

Then we got to experience Denver traffic . . . blech.  We went 20 miles in 2 hours.  Blech.  We had dinner at the nostalgic-to-Ben-but-not-as-good-as-he-remembers restaurant of Beau Jo's in Idaho Springs.  We made it home by 9pm that day!  Long day, but totally worth it.

Haha, this is what Ben and I returned to after our exercising on the Highline Canal (I run with Brigham and Ben bikes along with us).  Jim and Diana were gone as well so the kids were left home alone.  Emmy was simply just trying to brush her hair.  :)  Ben did an awesome job in getting it out.

Today (Wednesday) we went to the zoo with Joe and Britt's family.  It was colder, but it was super fun and so not-crowded.
 Miles with elephant ears.

Our group - minus the beautiful Brittany who took the picture.

Just some cuties at a "look-out."

And our last picture of the super cool cousins with the coolest hippo around.

Ben and I have spent the evening getting ready for tomorrow:  cranberry salad, check; turkey brining, check; yam casserole; check; 2 1/2 pies, check.

Thanksgiving break . . . so far, so good!

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erinmalia said...

haha. these pictures are all so great! that one of brigham...he looks huge! it's hard to get the right scale and so i thought he was a monster. emmy's face with the brush in her hair?! classic. and skiing! you guys are a skiing family. so great. happy thanksgiving!