Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Ben's 40th Party

Well Ben's 40th birthday party turned out great.  Everyone that we thought were going to come, came!  No one was terribly sick.  We made it to Denver on decent roads, despite the 10-inches of newly fallen snow on Christmas.  But the best part was that Ben just loved it!  We had the huge rink to ourselves for 2 hours - but the boys men could have played a lot longer, I think.  We sectioned off an area for hockey - thus people could either skate or play hockey.  For hockey we had three teams of 5.  Once your team was scored against, you got off and let the other team on.  It worked out great and was a fun way to rotate and play!

 Ben and nephew Nicholas at face-off.

 Me standing there looking like I'm playing hockey.  :)

 Mason, guy on the right, just scored a goal for our team!

 Benji Sabey having fun as goalie.

Most of the hockey gang, plus a few more that were there.  I wish we would have gotten an entire group picture, but that was hard as people were scattered everywhere.

What a fun night it was!  I think I'll plan this again in another 40 years . . .

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Niederfam said...

looks like the BEST kind of party!!!