Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Brigham "graduates;" Lucy pukes

So Brigham's last puppy class, and his graduation, was on Monday.  I had missed the week before because it was Jonas' birthday so I didn't have a chance for a "run-through" for the "final exam."  But Brigham and I managed okay.

Brigham was super thrown-off by having his whole family there.  It's only been me taking him every week, so to have everyone there was super distracting for him.  We had to each go - one at a time (well one owner and one dog at a time) - and do various exercises.  Heel, figure 8, stand, and recall - I think that was about it.  Then we all came out to the floor for the long-sit and long-down test - we have to walk away from our dogs and they were to sit for 1-minute and then lie down for 3 minutes.  Brigham, as well as most of the other dogs, aced it.

Then we waited while the teachers tallied the points to award the winners.

And while we were waiting, Lucy went and puked all over the floor.  Awesome.  Not.  I hadn't felt good all day long - really nauseous, not eating, stomachache, etc.  Lucy started complaining of her throat hurting, but that was really it.  Until she barfed.  Some other nice lady helped me clean and mop up the area.  Lucy and Ben went out to the car while we waited for the award presentation.

Somehow we got 2nd place.  Probably because there were only 5 in attendance for the final.  But whatever, it sure made the kids proud of Brigham.  :)

Lucy puked some more at home, once during the night, a few times today.  But is doing better. I had a rough night but am doing a little better as well.  I had to make a popsicle run to the store today.  Lucy couldn't remember what popsicles were.  So cute.

Anyways, 'tis the season, right?  Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-ralph.

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erinmalia said...

what?! my kids ask for popsicles and slurpees all year long. congrats brigham!