Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas 2015

Here we go . . .

 Our only picture from Christmas Eve.  The kids were opening their homemade sibling gifts.  Miles made Emmy an earring holder.  Cool.

Then on to Christmas!  The kids were like up on and off the entire night.  Supposedly they were up at 3am and just sat and waited and read books until 5 - when they came in to ask if they can go down early (normal set time is 6:30.)  We said sure - at 6.  They came in a few times more, than it was finally 6 - or close to it.  Let the Christmas crazy begin!

 We gave Lucy's baby-blanket doll (that she had gotten when she was a baby) away a while ago.  She was saddened by it and asked Santa to bring her a new one.  He pulled through!

 Emmy and Lucy both got American Dolls.  Apparently Santa had them mixed up - Emmy was given the one with longer hair and Lucy with shorter.  The girls decided to trade.  (I guess it didn't matter that Emmy now had the blonde one and Lucy the "caramel" one . . .)  They were fine with it and so I was, too.

 Miles showing the camera his Coca-cola lego piece.

 Jonas checking out what Santa brought him - lots of stocking stuffers, plus lazer-tag guns (just like Miles).  Cool.

 The girls had a great time playing with their dolls, dressing them, and styling them at the local Salon.

 The kids all in their paper crowns - part of their Christmas-firecracker gifts from Aunt Renee and family.  Fun, fun!

 Hairstylist Emmy.

 Since we had a true White Christmas, Ben and I had to get out to enjoy it!  It started snowing on Christmas Eve and snowed until mid-day Christmas.  I think we got around 7-8 inches.  So fun!  We had a fun walk with Brigham.

 He loves the snow!

 Snow cute.

 Sorry, I'll end up with more Brigham pictures than the rest of my kids . . . But he was so funny.  He just kept digging his head under the snow!

 Okay, last one.  Check out those snowballs on his legs!

 Jonas got THIS GAME today.  And we played it.  And it was hilarious.  I truly don't think I've laughed that hard in a really, really long time.  I'm not sure what flavor Ben was eating this time . . . ?

 Emmy also got a sewing machine (I'll get to borrow it . . . :).  We learned about the machine and how to thread the bobbin, wind it, wind the other thread, etc.  Then she practiced on a piece of paper - with pivoting the needle.  She loved it.  Then she sewed some other random things with some fabric she had gotten.  Cute, cute.

 The kids played out for a little bit.  Snowy, snow!

 Then the girls passed out on their beds around 4pm.  Cute, cute.

 Miles spent his whole Christmas a little sick (stomach bug?  Nothing coming out of him, but not much of an appetite) and building his lego set - the Palace Cinema.  It's super cool!  It has over 2,000 parts and was for "experts."  Apparently Miles is an expert.

 You take off each level and there is more inside.  The first level has the ticket windows, concessions, etc.  The next floor is the theater and has some super cute theater seats with the screen of a black and white movie.  A reel projector as well.  There are two sets of fancy stairs.  The top is the roof, with an access door.  It's just cool.  Oh, and the limo is pretty styling as well.

Can you see that something on Miles' head?  I saw THESE online and got them for Ben.  Ha, they are hilarious.  But wonderful, too.  Kids kept using them all day long.  They were a goofy hit.  :)

Ben spoiled me with a new wheat-grinder, a super-duper immersion blender, and an awesome shirt.  I got Ben a bunch of little things, plus his "big" gift of a coat.  Well the other night he came back from clothes shopping - and he had gotten himself a coat.  So I had to tell him what I had gotten him.  Then he stewed for the next couple of days trying to figure out which coat he wanted . . . he couldn't make up his mind.  Just tonight, he decided on the coat I had gotten him.  :)

Anyways, we finished the day watching Elf.

It was another grand and blessed Christmas and I think the kids loved it.

Merry Christmas!

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erinmalia said...

wait, what's wrong with the old wheat grinder?

oh man, you could have given me one of those head things. i love them. i also love my pug earrings, so maybe you should have given me both. :)

and yes, 8" falling overnight is just pure magic! i'm sure my boys will be jealous.

did the girls sleep until this morning all the way from 4? crazy!