Monday, December 14, 2015

Dearest Jonas,

Happy birthday Jonas!  You are 10 - double-digits.  Wahoo.

You've had a year of ups and downs - like most everyone.  Some good and some bad.  You continue to whine at the drop of a hat - or the drop of a "no" is more like it.  You tend to lie as well.  But other than that (!), you're a pretty great kid!  Hopefully you'll grow out of those two less-favorable traits, right?!

It's been a rough past couple of months in our home - lots of crazy and, I'll just say it, horribleness.  A lot from the kids, some from me.  But you've had yourself some shining moments.

The other night Emmy "ran away."  She had previously made plans to head to Mexico or Texas and so we knew this was serious (haha).  You boys (meaning you and your brother) went out and dragged her back home.  It was splendid.  Then, all on your own, you made a little card for Emmy that said, "We *heart* U."  You had all of us sign it.  Then you made Emmy some coupons:  clean your home, do your chore, free hug.  Pretty dang cute of you, huh, Jonas!?  It was super-duper sweet and Emmy loved it and it is hanging in her room.  I loved this - and so hope I can see this type of stuff more often.  Hint, hint.

You helped me make dinner tonite - after I had asked your brother (so as to keep him away from making all the siblings cry every second) and he rudely told me "No!  I'm not going to!"  You came in and asked if you could help.  It was awesome and I really appreciated it.

You are aware of others and their feelings - as these stories demonstrate.  You care about relationships and friendships.  Those qualities are going to serve you well.

Oh, I better put this down so we have proof:  you sang Christmas hymns tonite!  We went to a Christmas fireside and lots of the songs we were to come in on the last verse or so and join in - and you sang each song.  It was truly a Christmas miracle.  :)

You had a great finish to your 3rd grade year.  You "officially" got in to the honors program (you were a part of it, but not officially as some of your testing scores didn't "qualify" you for it technically.  But you qualified on the math part at the end of last year and so now it's "official.")  You are quick at math and win the "math krypto" pretty much every single time at Quest (it happens once each week).  This is good leverage as you sometimes will put yourself down and say "I'm the dumbest and worse kid ever!"  (What you say when you've been caught either lying or just doing something wrong. . .)  Then I say, "Then how come you win krypto every time against all the other math whizzes?!"

I just asked you dad what I should write down.  He said something like, "He's generally a happy kid.  He likes to talk like a baby.  He likes jokes."  Those are all true indeed.  Your baby-talk is, ummm, really annoying.  Just save it for when you're playing with Ivan or something, please!  You like to laugh and sometimes try to make up jokes.  Most aren't so great (unless you are a 10-year old boy, I suppose), but you did come up with one once that goes something like this:  "Why did the lip blow up?  Because he put lip-bomb on it."  Get it, like lip-balm.  Haha.

You're a good kid Jonas and we don't have too much trouble with you.  We love you and are super happy that you are a part of our crazy family.  I hope your 10th year is wonderful!!!

I love you,