Monday, December 14, 2015

Jonas turns 10!

 Jonas opened up the traditional "morning birthday-gift."  He opened the "Complete 8-film collection of Harry Potter."  He was pretty excited once he figured out what it was.  Each time the boys finish reading (or listening to) a book of HP, they get to watch the movie.  They finished listening to book #5 about a month ago and Jonas has been begging every week to watch it.  I found this super-deal DVD collection on Cyber-Monday and snagged it up.  It was a fun way to start his birthday, I think!

I took him and his best-friend Ivan out to lunch.  I forgot my camera.  :(  But the boys were cute and both ordered BLTs.  Lucy came along, of course.

After school I let Jonas play on his tablet for 20 minutes - and he was thrilled.

 His dinner choice:  spaghetti and meatballs.  We called this "Elf spaghetti."  Or we could have called it "Christmas spaghetti," too, of course.  Yum, yum.

 Jonas danced the jig as he got ready to open his gifts . . .

 He got cash from both his grandparents and I decided to give it to him this way - I thought it was a fun presentation.  He was thrilled with the cash!  :)

 We can't have gift-giving to the boys without Lego products . . .

After dinner and present-opening, we began watching movies.  The boys started watching HP and the girls watched Thumbelina.

Then we took a break for cake and ice-cream:
 Jonas and his volcano-cake - so super cool.  It wasn't coming out the top liked we hoped and so Ben drilled (yes, drilled) a few more holes . . .

 and it worked a little better.  It was a simple cake to make and it didn't have to look "pretty" or nice 'n neat.  So that was pretty great.

 Jonas really got in to the "Happy birthday" song!  Crazy kid.

 Make a wish!

 This is how my crazies roll.

We finished the night by finishing HP.

What a fun day to celebrate a fun boy!

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erinmalia said...

He's TEN! That's awesome! Happy birthday Jonas!