Monday, December 07, 2015

While I was Gone in Moab . . .

The kids had a good time while I was gone.  Lucy got to play at a friend's house on Friday; Jonas and Emmy got to walk home to an empty house after school; and Miles, as usual, rode his bike home.  Ben got home around 4 - probably when Miles got home.

That night the boys went to the library's Star Wars party and had a good time.  Ben dropped off the boys and then took the girls out for ice cream.

Saturday morning was spent doing chores and lots of cleaning.  After lunch they headed out to find a Christmas tree.  (I had to miss out on this last year due to the race . . . such a bummer . . .but it really is the only day to go and so go without me they must!)

It was sunny and warm - like 50 degrees - when they left our home.  They drove for about 25 minutes in to a winter wonderland forest!  They found the tree quickly and had a good time playing.  The kids had a great time, from what they told me.  It was hard and frustrating for Ben - because that is often what life is with kids (hard, frustrating, yet good all mixed together!).

I hoped he would remember the camera this year - and he did!  So here are the pictures:

 Oh it looks so fun!

 Brigham had a fantastic time and didn't mind the snow one bit - as you can obviously see.  :)

 The tree!

 The boys found a cool cave/fort and had fun playing in it.

The handsome lumberjack and his girls.

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erinmalia said...

that pic of ben with the girls is priceless!