Sunday, January 31, 2016

January Happenings

Here are just a few pictures of things that have been going on around here:

Here's our January.  The blue was a little hard to read . . . and I didn't know that it had 31 days until after I'd drawn it out.  However am I supposed to remember what months have 31 days?!

 This started happening at our house - taking out a slit in our wall to connect our back yellow room with our kitchen.  I've dreamed of this for years - well, actually, I've dreamed of taking out the entire wall - but Ben wasn't for that.  So we comprised with a section of the wall.

This doesn't even show the mess the wall was in - wires everywhere that, according to our friend and remodeler Randy, were totally not to code, old pipes that ran from top to bottom and luckily weren't in use (which meant Randy could just saw them off and take them out of the way), etc.  I bet Randy spent the first 4-5 days rewiring the mess.  :)

Here is what it's looking like now.  We will be putting in (well, okay, Randy will be putting in) a bar counter on this side - and, of course, trimming out the slit.

Here is what it looked like with our old stove.  We couldn't keep it because it had the high back.  So we just sold it on Friday - yippee!

 And here is our new stove.  Ummm, it's great and all, but we still have to figure out how to get it all the way back to the wall (a long explanation that I'm not up for right now).  I love how it opens up the rooms and our home!  I remember the first time walking in and seeing the slit cut-out - I immediately LOVED it.  I'm in the kitchen A LOT and so now I will be able to see the kids as they are in there doing homework, eating, snacking, coloring, crafting, etc., etc.  (I didn't "stage" this picture and so it's kind of a mess . . . )

 The couple that puzzles together, stays together?!  Ben and I haven't done a puzzle just ourselves in like . . .forever?  But I found this puzzle and thought it would be fun.  And it was.  It was also really, really hard.  It took us 1 1/2 months, I think.  1,000 pieces.  But it was fun to work on and even more fun to finish.  :)

Most have probably seen this on facebook, but I think it's amazing.  Miles got a sheet of paper with a haunted house example and "tips" on drawing one.  This is what Miles free-handed.  He's good because he is so detail-oriented.  I was and am very impressed with his artistic skills!

That's all for now!


erinmalia said...

really?! you don't know what months have 31 days?! hahaha. utah schools failed you. and just so you know, it's a leap year, which means february has 29 days this time. just a heads up.

the cut out looks great! go home improvement!

and yay for puzzles! we did the one you gave us as well as one the boys gave me for Christmas. we didn't pull out any over the snow break. huh. should have.

miles must have worked so hard! go miles!

Elder James and Sister Dixie Galbraith said...

LOVE the cutout! It makes a world of difference!
And Miles just might be signing autographs one of these days!

Niederfam said...

WOW.......LOVE both the cutout and Miles HH. Impressive.