Friday, January 01, 2016

New Year's Eve and Day

 So we let the kids stay up until midnight . . . We played a lot of hockey that night and came in around 9:30.  Lucy had come in a bit earlier and had fallen asleep.  But re-awoke as everyone came back in.  We let the kids watch a movie and pulled out the hide-a-bed for them.  Ben and I went up around 10:45.  :)  Everyone but Lucy made it until midnight.  They heard all the neighborhood noises and then fell fast asleep I'm sure.

Then for New Year's we had decided to go cross-country skiing.  We had a really fantastic time.  Our three oldest did awesome on the skis and just seemed to love it and didn't complain at all.  Of course they fought with each other, but no complaints on skiing.  So cool.

 So Brigham got in lots of pulling today!  He didn't seem to mind . . .  It was super fun for the kids and made the adventure all the more neat!

 What a dog!

 How cool is Jonas in his awesome second-hand find?  80's anyone?  I love it and so does he!

 Lucy's ride.  She was super spoiled.  She did really great on her skis, but was a little slow and wanted to ride.  It worked out great, really.  Well for me.  I didn't have to pull her!

 We convinced Randy and Kay to come with us -  they are super people and friends and it was neat to have them with us!

 As we were getting ready this morning, we decided we needed "something" to help out with Lucy.  We just knew she wouldn't be able to keep up with us . . . So Ben gathered a bunch of stuff and came up with this awesome contraption.  He's totally Father of the Year in my books - as well as Lucy's.  :)

 Brigham loved just playing with the kids and going wherever they went.

Emmy enjoyed a rest at the end of our adventure . . . she's pretty cute!

 Our family, January 1st, 2016.

Jonas getting pulled.

Emmy's turn.

And Miles (his video isn't very long b/c Ben wanted to get an actual picture).


erinmalia said...

you are guys are just too cool. but not as cool as jonas's snowsuit.

Niederfam said...

I'm in LOVE with that sled. LOVE.