Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Winter Play

We all like winter around here.  Most of my kids call winter their favorite season (Lucy is the only one that chooses summer - and that's because of her birthday).  The kids have really gotten some good use out of the ice rink this year.  It's been great to see them go out there on their own (well, with at least another sibling or friend - but without us, the parents, going or even telling them to go).  They have gotten some good use of it this year.  Ben had two Men's Hockey Night and had a lot of fun.  The Young Men also came over for an activity and a few of the Old Men (Ben included) played as well.  So far it has turned out to be a pretty great year for it - but it may be close to its demise.  We'll see . . .

The girls got out on the rink on Saturday afternoon and had a lot of fun.  Lucy is our Most Improved Skater for the season.  :)

The kids were off on Monday and so I took them to Ouray.  We had driven by the rope-tow ski-hill and I really wanted to try it out with the kids.  So we did!  I was a little frightened at first because Emmy's bindings were not going to work with her boots and she was crushed that she wouldn't be able to try the rope-tow and ski.  Luckily I was able to change the settings and Jonas used my skis and Emmy used Jonas'.  Which meant no skiing for me.  Bummer.  I was planning on skiing with Lucy - helping her ski down with the waist-belt thingamabob.  So I had to change my plans for Lucy.  She quickly caught on to using the rope-tow and I would stand 1/4 of the way up and pull her off (well, she'd let go and then I'd grab her off to the side) and let her ski down on her own from there.  I kept going higher and higher and probably spent most of the time 3/4 the way up the hill.  Lucy did pretty great at skiing.  More times than not, though, she would mainly just ski straight down the hill - not totally in control.  She had a few runs with some excellent turns and so I know she just needs more practice (the hill is super short, but steep enough to not really be a beginner's hill).  She did get all the way to the top twice - but on her 2nd run she didn't make any turns really and ran in to the hale bales on the bottom of the hill.  So she was done (okay, I was done) with her starting from the very top.

The kids had a blast.  We were the first ones there and the last group to leave (though I'm sure some came after we left).  I loved just watching them go up the rope-tow - it was so quaint to see them doing that.  :)

Here are some pictures and videos of our fun day:
 Emmy going up for her first time!

She loved it!

Thankfully the kids would often at least try to help Lucy if she fell at the bottom of the hill.  Sometimes they could help her up, other times, not.  I did a lot of hill-climbing that day!

 Lunch time.

There were a few fun jumps there that the kids really enjoyed.  Let me just say - thank goodness for helmets!  :)

Emmy, Miles, and Jonas coming up the line.  :)

A cute boy after hours of skiing the hill.  SnOw fun!

And lots of videos (I took tons - per requests):



erinmalia said...

so cool! did their arms hurt? i think i remember mine killing after a couple of rope tows.

Niederfam said...

No wonder winter is the majority favorite. GOOD times.......

Umm YES.......I remember my arms hurting too!!