Sunday, February 14, 2016

A Busy 5-Day Weekend So Far . . .

For some reason my kids had Friday off and then have Monday and Tuesday off.  Crazy!  I think we've done enough on Friday and Saturday that now we just need to stay home and clean - yay!

Friday we went up to Telluride.  I think this is my 3rd winter trip there - check out trip 1 and trip 2.  And again, we did the same thing:  sled, eat, ice skate (but it was so warm up there that the outdoor rink was really just slush!), bus ride, and for the grande finale - the gondola ride.  It's a long day, but very fun and the kids just love, love, love the plentiful snow that Telluride has to offer!

This year we had even more friends make the trip with us - I had Patty (my friend) and her son Ivan (Jonas' friend) come.  Miles invited Malachi and so we took him with us.  Then my friend Heather came with her kids Holly (Emmy's friend), Lila (Lucy's friend), and Clara - the cutest 2-year old.  Fun, times again!

 Jonas doing front-flips in to the snow.

 Clara - in her mom's sunglasses - and Emmy.  There were some way-cool snow-caves and tunnels that the kids explored for a while!

 All the kids eating mustache blow-pops (Emmy's and Jonas' valentines) and getting ready to hop on the bus.

Clara, Lucy, and Lila on the gondola.  :)

My kids' favorite sledding video of the day.  (If it comes up . . .)

One more video.

Now on to Saturday.  I had bought these really good coupons from groupon for the Glenwood Adventure Park.  We had planned to go for a fun New Year's day activity.  But as it was a high of 15 that day, we opted to cross-country ski instead.  15 degrees is great for cross-country, but not so great for a park and rides, etc.

So we've been waiting for a free and good-weather Saturday and finally (2 weeks before our coupons expired) got one on Saturday - or supposed to have gotten one.  We were expecting the temperatures to be at least 15 degrees warmer (the weather forecast all week, including the day before, showed sunny and 57-degree).  I think it was more like 37-degrees and cloudy.  So we weren't quite dressed for it and it was just colder than we had thought and hoped for.  Anyways, enough about the weather!  The kids really didn't complain - maybe Ben and I did. . .

The park has rides, laser tag, 4-D movies, 2 cave tours, etc.  We went on the alpine coaster first and all the kids loved it.  When we were ready to go again (after we'd done a few other things), it had shut down due to some computer problem and never reopened for the rest of the day.  My kids were super bummed.  So was I.  But we still enjoyed the 4-D movies (four of them - each about 5 minutes long).  It made Ben feel kind of awful.  :)  The seats move and you watch it in 3-D.  Awesome.  Laser tag was a blast.  Lucy wouldn't do it at first, but then was talked in to it and loved it and wanted to do it again and again.  I was awful, but still had fun.  The two caves were really cool!  Ben thought they were actually neater and bigger than Timpanogas Cave (where he worked for a couple of years).  All the kids really loved them.  We (mean the three oldest kids and myself) went on the Zip Line.  It was . . . high.  Not too bad, really, but definitely cold.  :)  Anyways, we didn't leave the town of Glenwood Springs until 8pm - and it's a 2 1/2-hour drive home.  Another long day!  The kids had a blast and we parents had fun, too.

 The kids in line for their first 4-D movie.  Lucy was not a fan of the moving seats - but, more especially, the spraying water.

 The zip-line - Jonas and Miles are way back there.  You sit on the seats, it pulls you all the back, you sit for a few seconds, then you zip forward.

 Here they come!  Jonas was pretty freaked before, but did fine - although he did scream the whole way.  :)

 Emmy was brave - even though this picture doesn't show it.  :)

 The whole family!

 The kids inside the Fairy Cave.

 There was this little wooden shed where you could see what it is like exploring caves.

The group at our last cave tour - the King's crown, I think.

The kids all want to go back!  Which may or may not happen, we'll see.  But I think if we do, we'll do it when it's warmer!

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erinmalia said...

cool! literally, too. it looks freezing to be doing those outside things. you're brave!