Friday, February 26, 2016

A few things. . .

Well we had a busy afternoon/evening yesterday.  Miles had a wrestling scrimmage match and then right after that he had a choir performance.  In the middle of that was getting Emmy to gymnastics and picking her up early to go to Miles' choir show.  Plus grabbing some dinner at Subway!  Here are a few pictures from Miles' wrestling:

 The wrestling scrimmage consisted of Miles' school (Centennial), the only other middle school in town (Columbine) and the other middle school in our district (Olathe - about 10 miles north of us).  The kids got in their size/weight groups and then were divided into groups of 4.  Each kid was given a number and then the coach would yell out what 2 numbers (kids) were to wrestle.  Then they would wrestle for 30 seconds and that's how the scrimmage went.  Miles isn't really good, but we're super pleased that he is doing this (he practices every day of the week - coming home at 5:30 on M, T, Th, and F; on Wednesday he has practice before school).  This is the most sports this child has ever seen in his combined life!  So it's a great thing for him to be involved in.  Of course we wish he were great, but that's okay, too.

This was Miles for his choir performance.  Every child is in choir for 1 quarter - Miles has it this quarter and so he was part of the show.  He was excited about it and I think he actually enjoys choir.  But he does not enjoy his classmates - he thinks they are very rude to the teacher!  In fact, today he told me he wants to go to Peak (a online/homeschool-ish school) next year because he is tired of mean kids.  This was a few minutes before he responded, "Nobody cares," to something Emmy said.  Hmmmm.

Here are some pictures of our home project:
We got the counter all in and set - today was the first day we could actually sit at it.  The kids were super excited about it.

 Just another picture.  Of course there is still work to do - like framing it in, etc.  But we're getting there!  (Although we'll have to wait almost a month, until Randy is back from another job, to finish up everything!)

We don't have stools, yet, so the kids were kneeling (or not, in Miles' case) on our chairs.

So this was funny . . . in deciding what type of counter-type we wanted, I was more of like, "Um, just chalkboard would be good with me!"  Ben was more like, "Let's go look at the granite tops."  So we did, only to find out that wasn't going to be an option (no custom-cutting for small jobs).  Then we found this porcelain tile and both loved it and agreed on it.  After our decision was made, I had the thought, "I bet we can write chalk on it."  And we can!  Awesome.  It totally wipes off - the tile is like a black slate, only not.  :)


The kids like the chalk, too.  :)

We've got a fun weekend ahead of us (hopefully!).  We are heading to Provo in the morning and will catch a BYU women's gymnastics meet in the afternoon.  Then that night we're going to some BYU dance show.  On Sunday we'll head up to Heber and hang out with the Christian Sabey clan - go to their ward, hang-out all day, eat dinner with them, etc.  Then we'll go back down to Provo (we're staying at a hotel since my parents' place is rented out).  Monday morning we've got  tickets for the new Provo Temple Open House.  Very cool!  So we're excited.

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