Monday, February 01, 2016

Lucy Types

So my kids like to get on Word on type things.  Usually this is what Lucy types:


Awesome, huh?

But today she came up with this dandy:

She typed the whole thing.  I spelled the first "cute" for her and helped her with "Jonas."  Everything else was on her own.  Oh, except for the "11."  She didn't know how to make an eleven.

My beginning-to-spell kids always spell cute similar to Lucy.  So cyooout.

Quick translation:  Lucy is cute because her sister is cute.  Lucy is 5.  Emmy is 8.  Jonas is 10.  Miles is 11.  Mom is 36.  Dad 40.

1 comment:

erinmalia said...

whoa. this is so much better than what ollie could do! we're lucky if he knows the letter sounds to go with letters. good for lucy! she is cyooout.